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BigEasy 03-11-2012 06:57 PM

Can't delete music from iPod, need a little help.
The short of my long story is I'm overhauling my computer/iPod program in preparation of reciept of my birthday gift iPad3:)

I want to delete all of my music from iTunes on my desk top PC (and various iPods) so I can get rid of it (the PC) and move my iTunes/Pod/Pad management to my lap top PC.

As part of this mess I want to reload all of my music using the AIFF import setting. So I have deleted everything from the iTunes library proper and thought I had deleted everything from the 30g iPod and two shuffles. Turns out when I finish the sync the music is still on the 30g iPod, the shuffles are clean though.

Any help would be appreciated (yes I've searched this site and the web in general and nothing is seaming to get me where I want to be) Thanks

cjmnews 03-11-2012 11:42 PM

Typically if you are auto syncing the entire library and you don't have a library, your iPod will get erased.

Maybe you were using manual management for that one? You would then need to click on the iPod, go into the Music section, highlight all the music and delete it. Or set it to autosync and sync to the empty library.

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