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jackthelab 04-16-2012 04:19 PM

Installing new touch
I realize this is situation probably has a simple answer so please don't browbeat me. Anyway, I have nano which is up and running fine and I went to install my partner's new touch. I want to keep these two completely separate. But, my problem is that Itunes completely synced my music and photos to the new touch. How do I keep them separate and maintain two different accounts on itunes? I know I probably blew it when setting up the touch but I simply can't figure it out. Any help would be appreciated. I am kind of new user to this whole setup thing so I am looking for some simple advice to help straighten out this situation.

kornchild2002 04-16-2012 08:29 PM

You don't want to setup two different accounts under iTunes (that would be impossible anyway since you can't have multiple "accounts" for iTunes :)). Instead, it would be best to keep one library and just tell iTunes what playlists/songs/whatever you want synced to the iPod. When the iPod touch is plugged into your computer, click on the Music tab in the main iPod window within iTunes. From there you can tell iTunes what you want to automatically sync over to it. You can even create a playlist in iTunes and tell it to sync only that playlist over to the iPod touch. Then click on the Photo tab and change the folder you want iTunes to sync pictures from (or take off picture syncing).

Now, if there are two of you using the same computer and you want to keep your iTunes libraries separate, it would be better if you created a new user login (for Windows or Mac OS X, I don't know what OS you are running) and then have your mate use the second user login. iTunes would perform completely different and act as if it was installed on a clean computer.

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