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Topic: 2G Otterbox Defender (or an equivalent case)?

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Old 12-03-2008, 12:42 AM
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2G Otterbox Defender (or an equivalent case)?

I'm searching for a case for my second generation 16 gig Touch. I'm mostly paranoid about dust/lint since I'll be carrying it in my pocket (I had a cellphone get so much lint under the screen I couldn't see anything), so I'm looking for a case that encloses the whole Touch, including the screen.

Would anyone recommend the Otterbox Defender? How much bulk does it add to the Touch? Also, does it hide any of the screen because it overlaps?

What other cases are out there that offer the same kind of protection?

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Old 01-05-2009, 01:01 AM
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Otterbox Defender for 2G Touch

I used the Otterbox Defender to protect my 2G Touch during holiday travels, and I found it superb.

Now to be upfront, I like cases on my iPods. I typically have several cases for each. My wicked wife calls the iPods my Barbies and the cases their outfits. But I like how the sharp design of iPods can inspire some sharp design in case makers. And of course I like admiring my pristine iPods preserved by good cases.

The Defender is great case. With a hard plastic shell wrapped in a silicone sleeve, it inevitably adds a little bulk to the thin Touch. But only a little--it's still a sleek, tight little package and the silicone feels great in your hand. It is not sticky or gummy, and it does not attract lint. There's a very pleasing mix of hard and soft, and there's little doubt that the Defender would indeed defend your Touch against drops.

Before I bought the Defender, I read discussions of the 1G case and saw recurring complaints about the membrane that covers the screen. Apparently, for some users, that membrane on the 1G case made the Touch less sensitive and, sometimes less visible. Maybe I got lucky, or maybe the issue has been resolved, but I can say that my Touch seems about as sensitive with the membrane as without it. I am not aware of mashing down on buttons; the same light touch works. The only issue I have had with the membrane has been that it sticks to some parts of the screen and hovers above others, which causes a very slight distortion. That sticking may be because of the remnants of my earlier screen protector. The membrane might not stick at all on a brand-new Touch.

Both the headphone jack and the dock connector are covered by neat silicone plugs. The headphone jack is open enough for my Shure 'phones. But the Touch does not fit into my Apple dock in the Defender.

And that brings up one possible drawback of the Defender: it works best for users who put their iPods in cases and leave them there. Once the Defender has your iPod, it does not want to let go--the hard plastic case fits beautifully, but then it's very difficult to pry apart. In fact, on the first day I had mine, I saw several bits of dust trapped between the membrane and the screen, so I tried to take the iPod out of the case and wipe it off. Finally, after much grappling and bad language, the case snapped open suddenly and I popped a small dent in the membrane--doh!

But here's more good news. I contacted Otterbox to ask whether I might buy just the top half of the plastic case as a replacement. I got two personalized e-mails from Otterbox employees, the first telling me that the damage was covered by the warranty so the company would replace the whole unit (again, the fault was mine, not the case's), and the second giving me a tracking number for the new case. The case comes with a serious warranty and superb customer service.

Overall, dvguru and anyone else interested, I have been very pleased with the Otterbox Defender. It offers comprehensive protection without compromising the Touch's good looks or functionality. It might even be Barbie's dream house.
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Old 06-30-2009, 12:52 PM
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for the defender, the added bulk is added protection, not just some cosmetic add on. In my line of work my phone gets abused quite often, and the Defender has come thru for me many times without any damage to my phone. While it is not bombproof, i haven't seen any other case so far that seems to protect as well while still maintaining something that resembles the original phone shape or size.

As for the sensitivity, i've had ZERO problems with mine. it is not noticibly less sensitive than if you have a screen protector sticker or any type of screen protection that i've tried. It DOES however cause that watermarking or oilslick effect on your screen, when the Defender screen sticks to your phone screen. and it is the same on a brand new phone that has never been touched. It actually seems to be somewhat of an static electrical charge or something that causes this. but you can fix that with a super light "cloud" dusting of baby powder. i just did that to my phone and it works GREAT. No more oilslick, no more watermark, NO loss in touch sensitivity. Just shake up the baby powder bottle before you open it, so it makes a "cloud" of baby powder inside the bottle. Tap the bottle right side up on a hard surface to get any powder away from the powder holes in the lid and make sure there is no powder on the lid ouside. open the lid and give the bottle some gentle squeezes. you should see a real light little cloud coming out of the lid. hold the inside of your Defender screen above the lid so only the cloud gets to it, not any big drops or specks of powder, and give it a light dusting. don't dust it too much, or you will see dust specks on your screen. if you do get too much on the screen, simply wipe it off with a microfiber and try again. this works GREAT, and i wish i had done it to my old defender case.
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Old 02-24-2010, 09:56 PM
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I love the protection the Otter case provides, and it looks good too. That being said, I rarely use it because of the docking issues. I wish someone made a docking adapter to allow this to mate up with my speaker dock.
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Old 09-22-2010, 01:07 PM
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That case is amazing!!!!
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Topic: 2G Otterbox Defender (or an equivalent case)?

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