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lrob 11-17-2005 01:37 AM

Updater hangs every time. Shuffle does not appear in iTunes. User at wit's end.
I have Windows XP SP 2, iTunes 6, the latest (and apparently not-so-greatest) version of Updater and iPod firmware.

I recently got a new PC (w/ the XP) and have had no luck getting Shuffle to work on it. Before, I had a Win2000 SP4 and the iPod worked with no issues.

Specifically, when I connect the iPod to the PC, it appears in My Computer but not in iTunes. If I double-click the iPod (F: drive in My Computer), I get the error "Drive F:\ is not accessible." When I try to launch Updater to restore the Shuffle, the application hangs during the "initializing" message. Basically I haven't gotten any functionality from my iPod since my upgrade to the new PC.

I feel like I've tried just about EVERYTHING short of reinstalling Windows to fix this issue, so I'm really out of ideas. This is where I hope your collective knowledge can help! I have followed all steps on Apple's iPod support page, including trying iPod with all USB ports, uninstalling/reinstalling iTunes and Updater (latest versions), and doing some OS clean up like emptying temp folders, etc. In addition, I disabled USB 2.0 in my BIOS (I read about a possible USB 2.0 issue with my Nvidia motherboard.) Thinking it could be a power issue, I purchased a powered USB hub (iPod wasn't even recognized on that thing), and finally purchased a USB 2.0 PCI card with it's own USB chipset. I disabled the onboard USB. Still the SAME issue. Since I'm still in warranty I decided to see if it was the iPod itself and exchanged it through Apple. Suprise, surprise - the exact same symptoms occurred. I don't know where else to turn!
I've read some threads on here about similar - though not identical - issues, so I will try reverting to a lower version of the iPod firmware. Any other thoughts?? If I can't get this working, I'm about to can it, and get a different brand of MP3 player. I don't want to have to go there.

Thanks, everyone.

- Luke

lrob 11-18-2005 12:54 AM

As an update, I located a version of Updater from June '05, uninstalled the current one and loaded that instead. It didn't make any difference - it still hangs when loading. As a test, I uninstalled iTunes so my system just had Updater on it. Windows does it's "found new hardware" thing and recognizes the iPod as three components: USB Removable Storage Device, Apple iPod USB Device, and Disk Drive. I'm not sure if this is what should be loaded. But, to test things out I go back to My Computer and try to open the iPod as a drive (F:) and I get the same "unable to access" message I cited in the original post. This tells me it may be an issue with Windows XP's removable media/USB storage drivers - not any of the Apple software.

I'm still hoping someone out there has ran into something similar and found a way to fix it.

Tonight I'll have access to a Windows 2000 system which I'll load Updater and iTunes on, to see if I get functionality on another system.

Thanks again,

- Luke

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