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Marcella 10-16-2005 09:51 PM

Battery not recharging
I bought my shuffle in May 2005. Ever since I downloaded the new software, the battery will no longer recharge. I get the amber light going when I recharge it, then it goes green and I try to use it and it goes dead again. I recharge it again right away and it is still recharging.

I thought I heard something about the batteries not working properly on the shuffles in Canada.

BTW I bought it from Future Shop here in Quebec. Do I go to them or do I call Apple Canada?

thanks everyone for your assistance.


Bellor 10-17-2005 03:17 AM

Well that has happened to me too. :(
I haven't stopped cursing the apple programmers since! My only advice is to plug in, wait till it turns green, unplug and plug in again and so on for about 4 hours... unfortunately this is what I have to do to recharge it fully... and no amount of downgrading, restoring or anything else I might do seems to have any effect. I REALLY hope those lazy-### programmers at apple, who screwed up my ipod, get to work and fix this issue cause I'm going crazy here!!!

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