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PaintedBird 04-14-2018 08:00 PM

Hello everyone.

I know that i write with a problem that has been already mentioned in other topics, but i could not find any solutions (can't send a link since I am a new member).

So, my newest generation iPod (with 160gb drive) is going to the deep sleep mode after 30min, and the only way to wake it up is to force the restart by holding menu and center button. I have tried to restore iPod via iTunes, but this does not help. What is intresting, if iPod is playing music or is connected to the power supply this problem does not occur.

From last modifications i done was a replace of the jack (with all of this consequences) and - I accidently plugged iPod into the +13V USB port (dont ask how and why), but from what I have noticed - it did not affected the iPod. Also, I am pretty sure that the iPod is secured from connecting to overvoltaged supply by transil diode.

I also have noticed that sometimes the battery is being drained even in this deep sleep, but since 2 days i have not noticed that drain anymore and i cannot specify what was the issue.

I know, that an iPod is kinda old device nowdays, but i kinda bounded to this. Is there any possible solution for my problem?

Thanks for any replies.

PS Diagnostics of an iPod doesnt show anything unusual other than high temperature on SMART and a lot of Start/Stops.
Those are:
Retracts: 8
Reallocs: 0
Pending Sectors: 0
PowerOn Hours: 410
Start/STops 97932
Temp: current 27C
Temp Min 56C
Max 246C

cjmnews 04-15-2018 12:09 PM

SMART is not really all that smart. Your temperatures don't make sense. The current temp is lower than the minimum, so that is wrong, and having the iPod in 246C would have melted the case.

Start Stops could be reasonable if you pause a lot, but also sleep/wake cycles also add to this count.
The Retracts are when you powered the device completely off.

The deep sleep problem is pretty common with iPod Classics. There was no fix from what I remember. Some go into deep sleep in 30 minutes, where others do not. I would restore the iPod to see if a fresh firmware would make it behave better.

PaintedBird 04-15-2018 12:59 PM

Thanks for the reply - i've tried to install the new firmware several times, even in DFU mode with formating the device. Notthing happened. It kinda dissapoints me, because iPod was a part of my car audio system (as a player). I've installed the Rockbox, but then iPod doesnt work with radio via USB. Well... im considering buying another ipod then.

cjmnews 04-15-2018 01:11 PM

You won't know if a new (used) iPod will have the deep sleep problem or not until you get it. I have a 7th generation Nano to do the same thing in the car so I know how necessary the iPod is to have working right.

There is not really a fix for the deep sleep issue that I am aware of.

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