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Topic: Windows Media Center + Itunes

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Old 01-11-2007, 09:41 AM
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Windows Media Center + Itunes

I just recently received a 30Gig Ipod for Christmas and eagerly loaded Itunes on my Windows Media Center pc. When installed it searched for and found my Media Center library and began converting into Itunes (which was pretty cool).

Problem is I only have about 900 songs and the 30 Gigs are full. Both of my kids have 30 Gig Ipods that hold many more songs.

I checked the settings and I am using the default AAC settings. Does anyone have a clue why my songs are taking so much space (as compared to my kids)?

Thanks for the help,

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Old 01-11-2007, 09:50 AM
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Hi. What was the bit rate at. 128 is normal. If higher it could take up a lot more room.

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Old 01-11-2007, 05:57 PM
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Well first you can have a look at the actual song files to see if they really take up those 30 gigs. At 128kbps (which is the default AAC setting, I believe) you should be getting roughly one MB/min. So a 4 minute song should be about 4 MB or slightly under.

Some things that can increase the filesize are if they are encoded at a higher bitrate (better sound quality, but bigger files, and can you really tell the difference with the Apple earbuds?) or an uncompressed format, or have embedded artwork.

You can see the total size of all your song files very easily from within iTunes. Along the bottom edge is a status bar which tells you the song count, runtime, and filesize, of whatever list or view is selected. Mine says "1953 songs, 6.1 days, 8.32 GB". When I click on it, the "6.1 days" changes to "6:04:19:24 total time". I share a computer, and an iTunes, with another user, so I'm looking at "My Playlist" rather than "Music", but you'll want to look at all 900 of your songs. It should equal roughly four GB in all. If it's showing more than that, then you've got some files that are probably encoded at a higher bitrate. Embedded images will also increase the filesize by the size of the actual image file. The image is embedded in each file, even if a dozen songs on the same album all have the same artwork, they each have to have a copy. So hi-resolution images can bloat the files also. Note: this is only for embedded images. Cover art that is downloaded, with iTunes, gets saved in its own database and is optimized for the iPod before it gets transfered. This won't increase the size of your song files at all and will take up a minimal amount of space on the iPod.

Are all of your tracks ripped using the default AAC settings, or is it possible you have some that were in another format? You can view the filetype in iTunes by right-clicking on the bar along the top that says "name, artist, track number, album" etc. This will show a list of all available columns. If there isn't a checkmark next to "Kind", then click it so that it shows. If there is already a check, then find the "Kind" column and click it to sort by filetype. Click it again to reverse the sort order. Uncompressed formats such as AIFF, WAV, or Apple Lossless, will take up about ten times as much space as compressed formats such as MP3 or AAC, which is about what you're seeing, right?

If the files themselves aren't actually taking up all 30 GB, then you may have a bunch of photos, or maybe it's files that were stored on the iPod in disk mode. Set the iPod for disk mode ("Enable disk use" from the iPod Summary tab in iTunes while the iPod is connected), and then go find it in Windows Explorer. See if there are a bunch of files (or a few very large ones ) in there. Or if there's no photos or files, then maybe it's just garbage data. See if a restore doesn't fix it. Restoring erases all data on your iPod, so make sure you have a backup somewhere, or at least still have the files in iTunes (shouldn't be a problem if you autosync, but some people who use manual mode like to load files on the iPod and then remove them from the computer).

I just realized (duhr!)...iTunes will tell you what's on your iPod. There's the bar at the bottom of the iPod window that says (for example): Audio-3.62GB, Photos-338.9KB, Other-23.7MB, Free Space-89.7MB. What does it claim is taking up the bulk of your 30GB? If it's all 30 GB of "Other" then it's probably files on the disk, or just garbage data. Or perhaps you got a faulty unit, in which case you should still be under warranty if you just got it this Christmas.

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Topic: Windows Media Center + Itunes

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