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Rich_aka_Wig 12-05-2003 04:03 PM

Ipod 2.1 updater for Win98 Users

So I ordered an iPod and was unlucky enough to have it come with a CD that tries to instal 2.1 rather than 2.01 which you can work around. Needless to say the same method doesn't work.

Anyways, I copied all the files off the CD to my desktop in a folder I created simply called iPod. I then had a look around here and came to the following directory:

"program files\WinRoot\runtime_ipod_updater_dir"

In this directory is "Updater.exe" - click on that and a program opens titled 'iPod Software 2.1 Updater V2' which then searches for my iPod (which is currenlty being charged by the mains and so is not connected so it says "iPod is not connected"). Anyways, just wondering if this is an indication that if my iPod were connected and found I could update it to 2.1 through 98SE by this method, because I'm assuming that at the end of the day, all you're instlaling off the CD is this 'Updater.exe' which seems to be running fine at the moment?

Just want to verify before I try in case it actually mucks it up.

ashawley 12-05-2003 06:41 PM

Hey! That's great! You found the file on the CD.

You're in business. Just copy the Updater.exe file to your PC and you should be able to run it no problem. Then, just click on the "Restore" button to get your iPod configured.

Didn't know the file was on the CD in an uncompressed format. Cool! This will be a great find.

Let us know how it goes so we can post it as a sticky!


arkitekture 12-06-2003 01:43 AM

Just wondering if this method has worked for anyone? I was able to copy the files mentioned onto my HD as well...however, after running the updater file, I still received the "iPod is not connected" message.

Rich_aka_Wig 12-06-2003 02:54 AM

Perhaps it's a general problem with your iPod/configuration in that it can't be recognized? If you look around the forums you'll find posts on what to do as well as the apple support site.

Anyways, Adam. Am happy to say that I connected my iPod, ran updater.exe and all seems to have gone well from my knowledge - no error messages popped up and checked the 'About' menu on the iPod and at the bottom it says 'Format: Windows' so yeah, please make this sticky for people to use and help everyone out.

Process I followed was (really breaking this down):

1) Insert CD.
2) Open 'My Computer' and locate your CD-ROM drive (it should be called 'iPod 2 1 CD'; right-click this and choose 'Explore'.
3) A new window should pop-up which allows you to search the contents of the CD - follow the following path:

Program Files\Apple\iPodUpdater\program files\WinRoot\runtime_ipod_updater_dir

4) Copy 'Updater.exe' across to your PC and run as usual.

Should hopefully be a further problem solved for Windows 98SE users :)

(Just editing to say that I've also successfully copied all my tracks onto my iPod too using Media Centre with no problems whatsoever.)

ashawley 12-06-2003 04:56 PM

Great Rich. I've already updated the How to use iPod on Win98 Sticky with a link to this thread and the path on the CD to the Updater.

Thanks for finding that.


techygeek007 12-10-2003 07:29 AM

Has anyone tried this yet
I am keen to get away from MacOpener but as 2.1 seems to cause so many problems and my current set up works I would be interested to know if anyone has tried this yet.

Rich_aka_Wig 12-10-2003 08:15 AM

Tried what; the work around I'm suggesting? If so, I have and everything's pretty much fine. Only problem is that as a result of the 2.1 firmware I might have that battery inidcator bug - don't have time till the weekend to check this out though.

naquata 12-28-2003 09:09 PM

I'm a very new user to iPod. I am also blessed with Win98SE. I was following these steps, but I cannot seem to get my iPod off of charging mode. Actually, it stopped charging for a while, then I get the bright idea to unplug it from my firewire and now it has resumed with the chargingfest. I have the updater program up and it's running, but it always says that the ipod is disconnected. I've been working on this thing all day and have learned a lot about my iPod from the endless searching for answers, but now I'm afraid that I'm at a point where I don't want to go on with the searching and the frustration and the headaches (I'm out of caffeine, come on).

I have the same version mentioned above, it's hooked in correctly to my the firewire, it stopped charging and the updater still didn't work... I'm out of solutions! Maybe I have the wrong hardware?

ashawley 12-29-2003 12:31 AM

Most likely it's your firewire card. What kind of card do you have? Did you install the patch after installing the card?


naquata 12-29-2003 01:20 AM

The firewire port is by Belkin and it says "Perfect for iPods".. but who knows what that means. Anyway, it says that it can be used for Windows 98SE. I don't know what else to look for on that. I installed the patch after I installed the card. When use the updater, now it says "Can't mount iPod."

I think I'll just nag on someone to give me a better version of Windows... grarg!

naquata 12-29-2003 11:06 AM

eh, nevermind
Now that I've gotten some sleep, I went back to the forums and apparently I have the wrong brand of Firewire. I am SO frustrated!!!!

stickuto 02-21-2004 03:00 PM

all i wnat to do i use my ipod as a harddrive on my win 98 se comp

when i plug my ipod in using usb, i get a bx saying new hgardware installed and lots of menus and things to select

i dunno wot to do?? :(

stickuto 02-22-2004 05:02 AM


Chemcical 03-26-2004 04:47 AM

I tried this method of extracting the updater file from my 2.1 installer disc but when i hooked up my ipod and ran the file it still says that the ipod is not connected. I\'m using a firewire/usb 2.0 cable but my laptop only has usb 1.1, is this an issue ?

stickuto 03-26-2004 12:19 PM

not 4 me, my comp don\'t regonixe ipod as a hard dirve or nothin :(

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