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Iron Flatline 03-17-2008 07:39 AM

Microsoft Exchange via iPhone
Hi All.

At work we use Exchange quite intensively, and everyone's happy that the iPhone will now support it. Several of us have been waiting, and it looks like we're good-to-go (from CEO on down!)

A few questions:

The official Apple iPhone site makes it sound like it's already up and running. Or is it "coming soon"? Typically when Apple says it's there, then it's there - no vapourware.

And does anyone have any experience with it yet? Anything obvious been left out? Does Direct Push work? For us it matters that Email, Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks get synced on the fly.

BlackWolf 03-17-2008 08:12 AM


as far as I know those functions will all be released in the 2.0 upgrade, so this means in late june.

there is a beta of that firmware when you sigh up as a iphone developer as far as I know, but it only works for US developers and I doubt it has things like push or exchange support right now.

Iron Flatline 03-17-2008 08:38 AM

Got it.

Yeah, my Attention Deficit Syndrome did not allow me to read the page thoroughly... it says that we need to sign up first:

Enterprise page

bobb-mini 03-17-2008 01:52 PM

Europe uses Microsoft? <gasp!> I thought all u guys moved to open source.

pgowder 03-17-2008 02:27 PM


They didn't mention tasks? Are they going to be included?

BlackWolf 03-17-2008 02:30 PM


Originally Posted by bobb-mini
Europe uses Microsoft? <gasp!> I thought all u guys moved to open source.

lol. I wish ... . that apple sells his stuff here proves we are still pretty closed source :p

as for tasks: wouldn't bet on it, though with the release of the SDK it shouldn't take long until an app for it is released.

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