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janethaines 11-05-2010 08:07 AM

sync iPad calendar with PC
Love my iPad but just have one little problem-ette that I wondered if anyone can help me with please :)

I have all my appointments on the iPad calendar and want to get these sync'd with my iPhone. To do this I obviously need them to both sync with my laptop PC. On my PC I have Windows Calendar.

When I try to sync the iPad iTunes does not give me the option of Windows Calendar - indeed everything seems greyed out. Has anyone any ideas please?

I really do not want to go the Mobile Me route as I feel it is very expensive at 60 p.a. just to make my calendar work properly. :eek:

Mr. E. 11-05-2010 01:56 PM

There is a free solution that I use: Google Calendars. You can set up the iPad and the iPhone to sync with an on-line Google Calendar. Look here.

I have my iPod Touch, iPad, and OSX Calendar program all set up to sync to my Google Calendar. Anything I schedule on any device gets uploaded to Google and pushed out to all the other devices.

But just be aware when you set it up that it's possible sync all kinds of information with a Google account: Calendars, e-mail, contacts. If you only want to sync calendar info, be careful to set it up that way or you could overwrite other data on your device.

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