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Topic: my total app list and how I organise...> (how do you do it)?

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Old 04-20-2009, 09:03 PM
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my total app list and how I organise...> (how do you do it)?

Ok, a bit of a long post but worth it I think. I’ve wanted to write a total list of apps I have and I’m curious to know the total list of others. I would also like to know how other people manage or organise their apps so I thought I’d share what I do first.

I’m hoping to get some inspiration to get more apps so when you mention what you’ve got, can you also include what it does or why you got it J

Finally, if anyone is thinking about getting a app listed below and would like my opinion of it or screen shots, I’ll happily oblige J

I’ve got 4 pages (kind of)
  • Page 1 = Apps I used most often
  • Page 2 = Things I check daily
  • Page 3 = My app folders which extend my 4 pages to 14 so I eally have 17 pages J
  • Page 4 = WebPages saved to the home screen

Then of course the stuff on the dock which are:
  • BiteSMS – a better txt message app
  • Phone
  • Mail
  • Safari
  • iPod

Page 1 – Most used apps
  • Private – if activated, will email me it’s location, (useful if lost or stolen)
  • Calendar
  • Contacts
  • Clock
  • Camera
  • Photos
  • iTalk – Dictaphone for iphone
  • Shazam – Get details and links for songs by ‘listening to ‘em’
  • Weather
  • XGPS – Turn by turn and voice SatNav system
  • Qik – Stream video live
  • Big Key Email – Landscape email keyboard
  • Orb Live – Stream media from your PC to your iPhone over wifi or 3g

Page 2 – Things I check daily
  • Facebook
  • BBC Reader – BBC RSS Newsfeed
  • ITN News – As above but with ITN
  • ShopShop – Shopping List
  • Allowance – my contract plan details
  • Pink News – Safari RSS news reader
  • Idio – Internet shortcut to a personalised music magazine
  • RSS Runner – RSS reader for multiple sources
  • Twitteriffic – Twitter App
  • Countdown – Countdown to dates and times I specify

Page 3 – App Folders, This uses the program Categories from Cydia, it allows you to put your apps into folders to help organise or clean up your iphone home screens.

Folder: Apps – The apps I use to get more apps J
  • App Store
  • Cydia
  • Installer
  • Icy

Folder: Games – All my games
  • Spore
  • Touch4
  • GPS Mission
  • Space Debrief
  • Fast lane Lite
  • FS5 Hockey
  • Burn Ball Lite
  • Edge
  • Tic-tac Tow
  • X-Plane
  • Packman
  • Vector Ball
  • Maze Finger
  • Crash Kart
  • Tricorder
  • iSperm
  • Star Wars the force unleashed
  • Enigmo
  • Pocket Gamer (Game reviews app)
  • iSnake
  • Solar Quest
  • SimCity
Folder: Tools – Apps which add extra functionality to my iPhone
  • Backgrounder - allows programs to run in the background
  • Categories - place apps within folders
  • File2Mail – browse idevice and email files
  • SMS2Mail – select and send txt messages to an email account
  • Swap Camera Roll – Give you a ‘second’ camera roll
  • iBlank – create blank icons
  • Discover – wireless storage on iDevice
  • Backgrounds – image gallery for iDevice wallpaper
  • Free Memory – Frees Ram on iDevice
  • Speed Test – Test your wifi or 3g speed
  • Wi-Fi Fo Fum – Wi-Fi Scanner
  • Logo Me – Change the boot logo on your iDevice
  • iManual –an iPhone manual eBook
  • Terminal – command prompt
  • iBluetooth – standard mobile phone Bluetooth connectivity

Folder: Settings – Apps to change my iPhone settings
  • Settings
  • Sweet tooth – un-working Bluetooth utility
  • Winter board – ‘beyond iPhone customisation’

Folder: Misc – Apps which don’t fit into my other folder categories
  • Calculator
  • Notes
  • Cool Guy – Wardrobe organiser
  • Night Stand – Retro Clock
  • Fake a call – have your phone (or iPod) call you
  • Word press

Folder: Phone – Communication apps
  • Contact flow – view contacts using cover flow
  • Walkie-talkie – direct VoIP
  • Palringo – IM client (which integrates MSN Messenger)
  • MMS – MMS App
  • Text – The default txt message app
  • Skype

Folder: Remote – Remote control apps
  • Jaadu VNC – VNC Client
  • Wi-Fi Remote – remote control your computer / windows media centre
  • iMonkey – remote control media monkey
  • Remote – remote control iTunes

Folder: Tunes Apps which generate sound (not video)
  • RJDJ Album – Record and synthesise sounds from the mic and playback (very cool)
  • Midomi – sing to it or hum a tune and it will try and locate – similar to Shazam
  • LastFM – LastFM iPhone client
  • UK Charts – List of UK Charts
  • Scrobble – Scrobble iPod tracks over 3g or wifi on the fly
  • Itunes
  • News radio – streaming internet radio (and you can add custom stations if you know the url)

Folder: Navi – Apps which use the GPS stuff as their main function
  • Maps
  • Beacon – find your way back to a point you specify
  • Around me – find local info using your GPS location
  • Cams Ahoy – Locations of traffic and speed cameras as you approach them
  • GPS Lite – Cool statistical data as you move around
  • Road Trip – Fuel and distance log
  • GPS Tracker – get your GPS location and allow others to track you online
  • AsmtHUDCam – Another traffic cam app

Folder: Fitness – Apps to keep me fit J
  • iMapMyFitness – fitness activity tracker and also uses GPS data
  • Run Keeper – GPS records of running workouts
  • iFitness – Database and ‘how to’s” for fitness regimes

Folder: Fun – Apps from the Game category in the app stores but are not really really games
  • iDrum – create your own beats from looping tracks
  • VOY101 – Star Trek: Voyager quiz
  • ScanPro – Fake fingerprint scanner
  • Radar – Fake radar app (very cool)!
  • Ocarina – Ocarina instrument
  • Ringtone – capture any sound and email as ringtone for importing into iTunes
  • FingerPiano – easy piano app
  • iDrum – same as the other one but different drum beats

Folder: Video – Video record or Playback apps
  • Cycorder – record videos locally on iPhone
  • MxTube – Download YouTube videos (to keep)
  • SP Mobile – all south park videos steaming to your iDevice
  • YouTube
  • Flixter – movie reviews, trailers etc..
  • Babelgum – Streaming video
  • Joost – Streaming video
  • TV Guide – a TV guide

Folder: Books – ebooks I have
  • Countdown 01 – a Star Trek comic
  • Countdown 02 – a Star Trek comic
  • Countdown 03 – a Star Trek comic
  • Countdown 04 – a Star Trek comic

Folder: Pix – Apps which use the camera or display pictures
  • D Gallery – view your camera roll in a 3d art gallery
  • Comic Touch – make comics from your photos (very cool)
  • Pano – Take panoramic pictures
  • APOD – Astronomy Picture of The Day (from NASA)
  • Colour Splash – greyscale / colourise parts of photos
  • Sea dragon – HD photo viewer
  • Old Camera – special effects for pictures

Page 4 – Webpage bookmarks saved to home screen
  • Apple Webapps
  • iMDB
  • Flickr
  • BBC iPlayer
  • iLounge (very cool) < come on, you knew I was gonna say that
  • iClarified

In total, this is 139 apps! – I honestly didn’t realise I had that many, no wonder I’m broke lol – also, there’s a few more apps I have which don’t have icons, things like SSH clients, and SBSSettings and stuff.. I don’t really know how to check what I’ve got there but I reckon I’ve got several ‘hidden’ apps as well, so if I round it up to 140.. that’s what I think i’ve got.

Over to you! – share, c’mon, don’t be shy J

iPhone 4 (4.2.1) – Jailbroken & iPad 2. Using iOS for 4 years. Hate facebook, love If you value any advice given in iLounge, come back and say "thanks".. :-)
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Old 04-22-2009, 05:58 AM
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I think you can organize your apps accordingly when you go to the retailer and ask them to modify or personalize your unit.
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Topic: my total app list and how I organise...> (how do you do it)?

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