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  1. Syncing problem.
  2. Best Video Software for 4G iPod Nano?
  3. converting DVD TV Series to iTunes
  4. dailymotion videos onto an ipod video??
  5. dvd shrink PLZ HELP
  6. Converting Videos
  7. how to get movies from a folder to itunes?
  8. iTunes Movies won't Play
  9. There is now a Windows version of MetaX
  10. So, which size ?
  11. Finding Movies and Videos
  12. Which FREE video converter should I use with Vista?
  13. convert DVD to iphone with Nero Recode 2
  14. TV Shows Won't Sync to iPod
  15. How do I convert video clips for iPod Touch
  16. 2 videos with 1 listing
  17. Would a DVD from a different region be able to play on the dvd player?
  18. Dark Knight Digital Copy
  19. Error with DVD decrypter? What else can I use? :/
  20. Cannot get video to convert or go to itunes
  21. Does anyone know where I can find a dvd converter?
  22. Help with converting to mp4 for my iPod?
  23. Videos disapearing?
  24. Playing ALL music videos
  25. Nero Recode 3 :: Encoded Video Problem :: iPod/iPhone Profile
  26. DVD to Ipod
  27. Digital copy problems
  28. Easiest video question!!
  29. Organizing problems..
  30. Problems with video sound on both iPod and iTunes 8.
  31. Has anyone figured out subtitles yet?
  32. How do you add video ratings? (Ex:TV-MA, R, TV-14, PG)
  33. Playing TV Shows on a TV
  34. How can I copy videos in Youtube?
  35. Is 16Gb enough?
  36. What videos do you have on your iPod/iPhone?
  37. Why won't my movies go into Itunes?
  38. What is a really good DVD/video converter?
  39. Joining files?
  40. Add Movies to iTunes
  41. Videos on iPod witohut being on PC
  42. How can I download FREE DVD copy software for copy-protected DVDs?
  43. m4v convertor
  44. IPC 120G's video Skipped After A Few Minutes...
  45. Vanishing Video cables
  46. dvd to Ipod
  47. size of digital copy movie file ?
  48. screenshot of MY hulk dvd
  49. Videora Tutorial for iPod Touch
  50. Video Conversion
  51. Anyone have a good, free Video Cropper
  52. Best viewing experience with iPod Touch Video Resolution
  53. what are these 2 programs , please
  54. Shareware: How to convert DVD/video to iPod touch step by step?
  55. TV DVD vs. Movie DVD ripping..
  56. ask: How to sort music videos ?
  57. MKV to iPod Touch conversion issues
  58. How do I rip DVD's audio into mp3?
  59. iphone video linked to button question
  60. 2 easy steps to convert your dvd's to ipod format
  61. Can't move some videos onto my ipod
  62. VisualHub Script
  63. .AVI to .MP4 with .SRT
  64. viewing news...
  65. audio_ts and video_ts???? how do i convert the movie into ipod touch format?
  66. Ipod to TV
  67. Videora and converted file sizes
  68. Disappointed with SUPER software
  69. Tell me if my thinking is right on this one.
  70. Watching Video on a big screen
  71. TV Shows on Ipod menu
  72. Nero recode 3 size conversion bug?
  73. Flash Videos
  74. DVD ripping for a tv series
  75. What is best software to convert movies for Touch and iPhone ?
  76. Nero 8 - Recoding to ipod> TV (?)
  77. Converting video podcasts (rss)
  78. Qs about ArcSoft-MediaConverter
  79. Reasonable nero recode 3 settings?
  80. here is the easiest way to convert movies (and its free)
  81. Need A Video Converter, Everyone Recomended Super but it has a watermark.
  82. Maybe a dumb question? I dunno but i need help. Vids
  83. Help!!
  84. Any program work with this files
  85. Video on iPod classic 80gb HELP!
  86. HD vs standard definition
  87. new classic and old videos
  88. Video Converting Software
  89. PQ DVD and SNL dvd (problem)
  90. TV show problem
  91. Is there someone or a company that will do official DVD transfers to iPod?
  92. Disney Digital Copy - Nightmare Before Christmas
  93. Does iTunes convert videos yet?
  94. Is it illegal to copy youtube vids?
  95. Best settings for SUPER converter with iPod Classic?
  96. Batch retag videos for windows?
  97. i have a bunch of flv files i want convert to mpeg 4 so i can play em on my ipod
  98. best video converter for iPod touch??
  99. Nero Recode and iPhone v2
  100. trim m4a without re-encode?
  101. How do I put H264 vids on my 5th Gen ipod
  102. Anyone Buy Imported DVDs?
  103. Videos from music CD to iPod Classic???
  104. changing video thumbnails
  105. Converter Help
  106. Urgently looking for some software...
  107. How to get more than 1 episode from a DVD?
  108. Ripping to ipod format with 3rd party tool requires an extra step - ideas?
  109. Help Tagging TV Shows...
  110. New 80 Gig Ipod and movies.....
  111. Converting .WMV to Ipod
  112. Anything like Tag&Rename for MP4 videos?
  113. Youtube to iPod apps aren't working!
  114. Handbrake for Windows
  115. iphone video conversion help
  116. Convert an AVI with dual audio?
  117. how do i get a video from a website
  118. I need a video converter which doesn't create a filename with limited characters
  119. Best video converter and settings?
  120. mp4 ipod audio video out of sync
  121. Transfering pictures from iPod to PC
  122. iTunes Movie Rentals.
  123. Best software (PC) to convert divx to iPod Touch
  124. sync videos from different computers
  125. Another Handbrake Question - Very Basic
  126. help!: issues with cucusoft conversion
  127. aaahhh hellp pleaase!!!!!
  128. Handbrake Bitrate Question
  129. Video For Alipine Indash Iva 505
  130. How come some videos arrive on iPod with no sound?
  131. help with ripping dvds
  132. Finally got it.
  133. Need help with an out of sync audio error using handbrake
  134. Need help with video files
  135. Apple TV video to Ipod?
  136. BBC iPlayer
  137. How to convert videos for Ipod Tv out?
  138. TV Shows now available in Australia!
  139. Movies to iPhone from PC
  140. Transferring Videos to iPod Touch
  141. Free Starbucks music videos
  142. help! video convert length longer than actual time
  143. Videos out of sync
  144. korn dvd
  145. Poster art or artwork for your videos
  146. Submerge: if I Export to AppleTV, can I view on my iPhone?
  147. video help
  148. iPod classic 80 won't load videos anymore
  149. Can I transfer videos from Youtube to my iPod Classic?
  150. DVD to AVC with MeGUI for 5.5g iPod
  151. Converting DVDs to ipod touch
  152. Are all Movies files huge
  153. JOINING YouTube movies on Mac?
  154. Please Help
  155. Podcast/Video Help
  156. Joining MPEG-4 movies *without* losing chapter markers?
  157. Best 8-Bit Videos of all time
  158. DVD to iPod
  159. Why does video jump when played on TV?
  160. What was the last DVD you bought?
  161. mpeg-4 movie not syncing
  162. Good Evening!
  163. TV enlarges video
  164. iPod Videos
  165. Convert videos from widescreen to full screen
  166. Where can Canadians download movies and tv shows?
  167. Videos wont sync to ipod :S
  168. "Movie was not copied because it cannot be played"
  169. Converting DVD and videos for ipod - software suggestions
  170. Is there software to convert from DVD to Ipod format?
  171. Are these playable?
  172. Using Nero Recode 3 To Convert Dvds
  173. Help with Subtitles...
  174. Missing File on iPod
  175. Help Getting Movies onto my iPod Nano?
  176. Is there a way to copy Live Free Die Hard DRM to iTunes now?
  177. Problem with Handbrake 0.92 + Ipod Classic in Windows Vista
  178. intro + Video encoding comparison HELP needed
  179. MKV files to iPod Touch (1280x720 vs 1280x544)
  180. Problems re-converting
  181. DVD/Video Conversion - Help Needed pls!
  182. resolution for playing on more than one device
  183. How do I upload videos to my Ipod Classic from my Windows Media?
  184. multi ipod video resolution
  185. Video Without Sound
  186. Brande newbie... Help (pls) with dvd to Ipod classic.
  187. Handbrake install wants .NET update
  188. Videora won't convert LotR disc 4
  189. ipod touch with blank white screen
  190. Video Converters
  191. Best movie resolution for iTunes(not ipod)
  192. Crazy long conversion time
  193. recording tv to my Ibook?
  194. video converter for ipod touch
  195. Need help regarding video types
  196. Video all pixelated?!
  197. Problem with my video formats
  198. LOST on iTunes
  199. Problem with transferring
  200. Converting Videos to MP4 and Subtitles not Carrying Over
  201. Having problems syncing a certain video
  202. What do you use to convert video?
  203. Ripping a DVD to an 80 gig classic
  204. Conversion help - videora
  205. IPod Video Converter????
  206. mp4 tagger? is there any?
  207. Renaming chapters
  208. Ipod Movies
  209. Movie Synching Problems
  210. Video Won't Play on My iPod!
  211. YouTube Videos
  212. How does one configure HandBrake settings to convert to iTunes Store/Rental format?
  213. How do you convert your dvd tv series so that you can have individual episodes and th
  214. simple question I think?
  215. can avi and flv files be imported to ipod nano?
  216. using handbrake
  217. Ongoing Conversion Problem!
  218. So where can I share videos?
  219. does anyone convert with the 3GP converter?
  220. Is there a good MP4 standalone DVD player?
  221. Weird Video Conversion problem !
  222. iTunes only showing 9 TV Shows out of 12
  223. DVD Conversion
  224. Questions about new PQ DVD
  225. M4a Movie File Format Problem With iTunes
  226. is there any third-party software?
  227. Converting Pirates of the Caribbean to iPod format
  228. This may be a stupid question.....
  229. Hardware Encoder
  230. Videora - Sooo slow converting
  231. RMVB files onto ipod
  232. videos to ipod using ffmpeg jumpy
  233. Removing videos from iTunes
  234. Encoding / Converting Movies (with aspect ratio of 2:35:1) to iPod Touch (Struggling)
  235. How to convert VHS video to iPod
  236. Orgainising Main Menus of iPod Classic
  237. DVD to iPod Nano 3G 4GB
  238. No image on TV programs
  239. Classic 80Gb: Videos wont play
  240. Best HDTV settings for OUTPUT ONLY video on Classic
  241. Survey: What Program(s) do you use to make ipod video files and why?
  242. Videora (for TV Viewing) 320 vs 640 - pls help
  243. Have ipod 80. Have itunes. Have dvd movie
  244. iLead DVD Ripper Platinum
  245. DVD's to my Touch
  246. Videora: Batch convert multiple files?
  247. converting vids for the ipod video
  248. How can I get Videora 3.7 to stretch my videos to fill the entire screen?
  249. Video will not convert
  250. Seinfeld DVD conversion