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  14. Help
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  24. Can someone help me out here? =/
  25. Does Size Matter? ;)
  26. Handbrake 400.....??
  27. who uses total video converter?
  28. Questions.
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  34. Movies > TV Shows
  35. Muxed file
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  41. DVD Shrink Problem
  42. Problems Converting Videos
  43. What am I doing wrong?
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  49. Videora Converter
  50. Placing Ipod Videos on websites
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  57. Coca-Cola+Mentos clip
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  63. The dinosaur of video conversion...
  64. VCD to ipod
  65. Lenogo
  66. MP4 video converter that meets these needs...
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  68. converting with subtitles
  69. nero recode
  70. PSP mp4 movies on the ipod 30gb
  71. Output to TV, S-Video>Scart or Composite ?
  72. iPod recognized my videos; now it doesn't
  73. free legal tv shows!
  74. Help me out please
  75. cant get videos to add..
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  77. iPod Video Converter
  78. Wideo Coversion with letterbox
  79. holy crap im getting ticked off...someone help
  80. DVD to Ipod...
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  83. Goofy Newbie Prob
  84. deleteing movies off of 5g ipod?
  85. 1a HELP
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  90. need help viserora
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  92. i need help downloading DVDs on my ipod
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  94. how long?
  95. Itunes Ipod converter!!!! Help
  96. I need some help!
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  100. Best TV card settings for iPOD & TV output
  101. yes another video converting question
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  106. Why!?!?!
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  110. watch videos with backlight on?
  111. iPod AND psp
  112. Video Problems
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  115. looking for a movie
  116. Possible to make iPod compatible videos but keep high resolution?
  117. Phoenix Nights Conversion
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  127. Movie Info
  128. can someone help me please?
  129. have you visited this site?
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  131. Converted movies out of sync???
  132. Can you watch cable TV on your iPod?
  133. Please, piont me in the right direction....
  134. blank movie
  135. DVD to IPOD
  136. Ya simply HAVE to put the Al Gore skit into your iPods
  137. Where are my Videos?
  138. iPod movie conversion
  139. Adjust iTunes video download volume
  140. need help converting 3GPP2 to Ipod format
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  144. video with no sound whatsoever FAST REPLY PLEASE
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  148. Handbrake for Windows or other DVD to ipod software
  149. Videora, 1 video directory ?, 1 phot ?
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  151. Is it possible to get torrent videos into an iPod video?
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  153. Video direct from Sky Plus
  154. TV shows
  155. Someone please help me :(
  156. Helping getting 16:9 on the iPod
  157. Why some videos can't be converted to the ipod?
  158. Video Question...
  159. searched the forums with no answer!!! (videora)
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  161. videos treated as music
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  163. Help! MP4 Video Error
  164. not all videos go into itunes/ipod
  165. Computer resets after converting video
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  171. Videora and Movies
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  173. I'm so new to this, I need advice please
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  175. Quick question to clear something up...
  176. iPod video subtitles
  177. How do i convert video files without audio miss sync ?
  178. Help: Change multiple "video kind"
  179. Jodix Help
  180. iPod to TV
  181. Help w/ DVD decrypter
  182. Help!!!!!!
  183. DVD to iPod conversion sofware opinons?
  184. not a movie file?
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  186. How do u?
  187. Playing DVDs on my 30G
  188. encoding video with DRM
  189. Audio Help with Video Settings?
  190. Issue w/ widescreen movie output to external display
  191. Ripping "Season" DVDs...?
  192. Music videos
  193. Video skips, stutters and is silent
  194. iPod Shows two copies of the show under "tv shows"
  195. iTunes makes my videos MUTE!
  196. Deleting Videos
  197. Can't Find TV Episodes
  198. does anybody know how to convert a video that has protected license?
  199. Laptop as TV
  200. How do I rip the DVD for my ipod?
  201. help!! just need to chop some scenes from my dvd not the whole chapter
  202. After 30 sec, video freezes, then no sound
  203. The Best Converting Program Yet!
  204. mpeg4 to avi, vob, or any other format
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  206. Codec
  207. converting videos to ipod-friendly format
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  210. My own DVDs on my I-Pod video
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  212. video 30 gb muted video?
  213. Converting Video
  214. iTunes Corrupting MP4s???
  215. iPod Movies go black, and ten seconds later they go back to the menu.
  216. Seinfeld MP4 glitch - anyone else have it?
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  219. Crazy Fish
  220. TV Shows Under TV Shows Menu
  221. .avi files (join and add subtitles)
  222. How many vids do you have?
  223. "remember playback position" doesnt work for videos :(
  224. password protecting videos?
  225. Widescreen
  226. free vcd video joiner
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  228. Movie conversion
  229. DVD Decrypter Issue
  230. Error when converting video
  231. does anyone have this problem with Videora ??
  232. Witch video converter works best for YOU?
  233. **NOOB** Need video help...BAD!
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  235. Help with video
  236. video encoder with subtitle recognition
  237. Files not being sent to iPod
  238. Optimal Resolution (Nero Recode 2)?
  239. need some set-up advice
  240. Itunes TV Shows
  241. Pq Dvd
  242. Converting videos to television
  243. video glitch then no audio
  244. help geting dvds with i subtitles to my ipod
  245. How do you move videos?
  246. dvd decripter problem
  247. new user (how to convert videos)
  248. Cucusoft Ipod video converter?
  249. Words not matching mouth?
  250. Which Program(s) do you suggest?