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  1. question regarding iShuffle from Mac format to Windows
  2. help
  3. mounting a shuffle that I found on the street
  4. Older versions of iTunes to get the shuffle to work?
  5. headphone jack static needing quick fix
  6. Ipod shuffle isnt recognized by my computer
  7. Shuffle replace, yet I have to put in billing?
  8. Looking for quality sounding Shuffle-Specific speakers
  9. 2 questions: charging and itunes on 2 machines
  10. shuffle and cool stuff
  11. Ipod disappears immediatelly
  12. Update and "Write Error" problems
  13. Help! Can't Eject Shuffle!
  14. Help! Cannot Eject Shuffle!
  15. Good Gift for Non-pc Owner?
  16. Won't Charge
  17. Shuffle can't play - solid green light
  18. Destroyed my Shuffle casing, so...
  19. Shuffle to be discontinued?
  20. Dragging songs manually on iPod Shuffle
  21. Charging
  22. I love Apple!
  23. Shuffle Doesn't want to charge.
  24. shuffle not synchronizing
  25. Disassembling iPod Shuffle
  26. To buy or not...
  27. Shuffle not Shuffling?
  28. iPod Shuffle HP version
  29. Will Apple Replace my shuffle?
  30. PLEASE HELP iPod Shuffle
  31. help my ipod wont turn on
  32. question about transferring music
  33. i found itune delivering the songs to shuffle is very slow~~why?
  34. Lost USB Cap, where can I get a replacement?
  35. Shuffle deletes all songs when connected
  36. Sending a Playlist, in order, to my Shuffle
  37. Updater hangs every time. Shuffle does not appear in iTunes. User at wit's end.
  38. Podcasts no longer played first in order
  39. ipod mini and 2 shuffles
  40. iPod Shuffle Dynex Lanyard Headphones help
  41. iTunes won't play downloaded AND imported songs
  42. Won't play while charging
  43. problems with device i/o
  44. battery pack for shuffle
  45. B 4 I format the computer...
  46. Big problem with Ipod-Orange light and green light showing same time
  47. Stuck Control Button
  48. 512 GB shuffle???
  49. question about ipod shuffle
  50. Shuffle & Itunes 6 =Bad news
  51. Can I transfer my songs from shuffle to a new computer
  52. Extreme testing - Shuffle in laundry (Do not try this at home)
  53. My ipod shuffle has no memory how do i delete them?
  54. Help! my shuffle keeps locking up
  55. iPod Shuffle battery finally conking out??? what then???
  56. Dead shuffle, just flashes and i/o error
  57. Font language (thai)
  58. Guitar Center getting rid of shuffles?
  59. On/Off switch came off!! HELP
  60. iPod Shuffle Sports Case Nightmare
  61. i copy my cd 2itunes and then copy to my ipod
  62. Will not “Shuffle”
  63. o0o0 just excited for my shuffle =)
  64. Transfering music from one comp to antoher
  65. iPod updater
  66. iPod Shuffle full?
  67. Help With File Transfer...
  68. Retrieve files from Shuffle when computer dies?
  69. best case 4 me
  70. Problem to put files into the shuffle
  71. HELP!! : Ipod Shuffle Headphone Jack
  72. iPod Shuffle: The Invincible iPod
  73. with ipod shuffles if you get tired of a song on it can you delete it and get a new 1
  74. Satisfied with your Ipod Shuffle 512mb?
  75. Pause vs Power off - what's the difference?
  76. Sports case broken
  77. Shuffle charging + itunes questions
  78. Lossless Shuffle?
  79. No light appearing while in USB
  80. autofill problem
  81. Just Got 1
  82. error lights on shuffle. help me
  83. help gettin songs on ipod mini
  84. usb to firewire adapter for wall charger?
  85. working then, sucking now
  86. Music vs Podcasts vs AudioBooks
  87. Can't figure out !!
  88. order of songs
  89. Newbie, with some ?????
  90. Waterproof case for iPod shuffle for swimming
  91. Waterproof case for iPod shuffle for swimming
  92. Audible bookmarks
  93. iPod Light Flashing Green And Orange
  94. what podcasts are in your shuffle?
  95. Lost Caps??
  96. Trying to bring back the shuffle love with a completely new type of accessory!
  97. memory issues
  98. iPod Shuffle in a corner
  99. iPod shuffle + HP did exist
  100. Whats wrong with this?
  101. No sound on my Shuffle
  102. iPod Shuffle losing or dissapearing songs. TIA
  103. shuffle512 less capacity aftr few days
  104. Invalid line command 1639
  105. update works only ONCE on random mode - after that i cant change songs!
  106. Two Shuffles?
  107. Shuffle in car?
  108. Is a 2G shuffle inevitable?
  109. Retain downloaded music for a new iPod???
  110. Problems wit Da Shuffle
  111. [Req] Need pre 2005-09-23 firmware
  112. Partial V1.1.2 Fix
  113. Battery not recharging
  114. I Love It!
  115. Won't let me load purchased music
  116. why won't my ipod play after i downloaded songs from bil's computer?
  117. 1gig or 512?
  118. Question!
  119. Bookmarks not working on Shuffle after syncing
  120. Found ipod SHUFFLE(Burlington, VT) TODAY
  121. what does your shuffle do when you press "back"
  122. WTB New 1Gig Shuffle
  123. iPod Shuffle Deal...Yes or No?
  124. why does "Shuffle" sound best?
  125. Does anyone know where to buy the palstic casing of the shuffle?
  126. problem with updater 1.1.2
  127. problem with updater 1.1.2
  128. Shuffle or Mini better for working out?
  129. Switching Library
  130. ipod shuffle - MacOS9.2 dosen't work PLEASE HELP!!!
  131. Firmwire update failure Disk Write Error???
  132. Help! My shuffle stopped working!
  133. ipod shuffle acting strange
  134. Well I did it...
  135. loading songs to shuffle?
  136. Incase Sleeve Turned My Shuffle Grey
  137. Shuffle & Belkin Dock Adapter
  138. Shuffle formatting - taking AGES!
  139. Shuffle disk-problems after udating the iPod-updater
  140. Discovered something intresting
  141. headphone jack problem
  142. Using Tivoli PAL w/ Shuffle
  143. Autofill crashes iTunes 5.0.1
  144. iPod not detected...
  145. Hard disk crashed - Now what??
  146. Bored with ipod shuffle
  147. extended warranty worth it for Shuffle?
  148. Working Out With A Shuffle
  149. Music Downloads
  150. windows detects shuffle as removable drive and i can't restore it.
  151. Music Cutting Out, any help?
  152. download FROM new Shuffle to MAC??
  153. Can you take apart a Shuffle?
  154. Dismantling...
  155. Lil' Help for this lowly new user
  156. Option to update has been eliminated??
  157. Help: blinking green light--- while charging???!
  158. music draging
  159. Help "The disk cannot be read from or written to."
  160. Need to reload songs for sound check?
  161. Battery light question
  162. problems with the audio port?
  163. Demon Shuffle - YIKES!!
  164. Thinking of getting my sister a shuffle.....
  165. Shuffle not detected and status light just rapidly blinking green
  166. Apple or HP branded shuffle
  167. shuffle usb connector cap
  168. The $1 Shuffle Case
  169. shuffle is here! :D
  170. navigate to last song/book on playlist?
  171. Storage of songs in order??
  172. Suffle and warranty?
  173. Will HP shuffle work on an Apple laptop and PC together?
  174. Please help: My iPod shuffle only plays a few songs
  175. Sports with the Shuffle
  176. new user...help with charging
  177. Quick Shuffle Question
  178. autofill/autoempty
  179. Shuffle pauses on it's own
  180. i need serious help .............[with my shuffle]
  181. Shuffle question and USB probs
  182. shuffle?
  183. So, is the shuffle dead?
  184. iPod Shuffle Problems
  185. ipod Shuffle in 3 days!
  186. Battery charge after update to 1.1.2
  187. 'real' shuffle autofill
  188. Help - Windows Blue Screen of Death
  189. I don't WANT my podcasts at the top of my playlist!!!
  190. Shuffle Won't Transfer
  191. Who has a shuffle as their secondary player?
  192. music problems
  193. New Matias usb 2 keyboard problem with shuffle
  194. Sound Check??
  195. Staples $100 1GB Shuffle - Worth it?
  196. Song Name Not Displayed
  197. iPod/iTunes/Updater MAJOR problem
  198. Shuffle acting very strange
  199. Software won't install (PC)
  200. Itunes automatically opens the windoes drive( eg: J) every time i update a song
  201. Ipod plays some songs more then once before all songs are played
  202. re-register an ipod shuffle
  203. A couple of months ago...
  204. export
  205. Odd Shuffle question
  206. iPod shuffle software 1.1.2 released
  207. Bootable Shuffle?
  208. Shuffle mode shuts off the ipod?
  209. same song appears multiple times after aufilling
  210. install itunes for second shuffle?
  211. second ipod need to install itunes again?
  212. Shuffling when i don't want it to...
  213. Shuffle Help
  214. DJ Ditty by Dell
  215. 1g Shuffle runs only 2-1/2 hours
  216. Outdoor earmuffs
  217. Shuffle - Fast Forward - lost bookmark
  218. EQ settings in iTunes
  219. "sport rope"??
  220. Corecases Aluminum Shuffle Case!!!
  221. quick question
  222. Mac stopped recognising Shuffle
  223. Shuffle help
  224. My shuffle will not hold a charge
  225. Can you put music saved on your computer onto the shuffle
  226. shuffle or not to shuffle
  227. Custom Tape and Velcro Case
  228. imojo rocks!
  229. Adding Music
  230. Fond for Shuffle
  231. A "new" issue
  232. iPod and Shuffle on same PC?
  233. Shuffle replacement parts
  234. iPod and guy in Iraq
  235. Podcasts synching with Shuffle how to
  236. Returning Shuffle
  237. Answer to shuffle and pc problems
  238. Music on shuffle different everytime you disconnect it?
  239. Shuffle Problems
  240. Shuffle Earphone cord resistance
  241. I can't save files
  242. I still like the Shuffle's sound the best
  243. I Need Advice
  244. Help Me Please!!!
  245. DLO Cool Caps on Mega Sale :)
  246. Podcasting issues
  247. shuffle will play fine but won't be recognized by comp
  248. Non iTunes AAC files wont play on shuffle
  249. Should I Buy A Shuffle?
  250. New Shuffle Dalmatian Skin