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  17. 2nd day problems
  18. bought a used shuffle, got questions?
  19. Does the shuffle or any ipod have restrictions are far as where the songs come from?
  20. mini works with my pc, shuffle won't
  21. Just purchased Ipod 60gb also have shuffle Ipod 60 gb nothing happens
  22. Pulling the Trigger on Shuffle
  23. Shuffle won't connect?
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  25. beginning of playlist...
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  31. Shuffle "in box" ear buds.
  32. How to get education discount for teachers?
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  35. Please help!
  36. Solid Amber while plugged in....but...
  37. The "Kids" iPod Shuffles
  38. Will an itrip work with my shuffle?
  39. 20gb Ipod and Shuffle - how do I manage both through Itunes?
  40. Green light doesn't stay on
  41. Autofilling my shuffle
  42. Delete
  43. New software
  44. Starting a Charge
  45. can't get it to play
  46. Fast Blinking Amber Light & Windows doesn't see Shuffle...
  47. How come some music won't go to my ipod shuffle?
  48. shuffle and podcasts
  49. Need a clever power switch "gripper"
  50. Why should I get the shuffle over Samsung player?
  51. Weird.
  52. HELP - Ipod shuffle light
  53. How can I find out if my USB port will charge the shuffle?
  54. Ipod Shuffle stuck in data mode
  55. -36 Error message/disk could not be read from or written to
  56. shuffle repeat problem
  57. iPod cannot be Updated by ITunes
  58. Updating songs manually
  59. whats the shuffle got that others dont?
  60. shuffle problem
  61. Shuffle - No Windows XP recognition
  62. Average Battery Life
  63. what does I/O Device error mean?
  64. Shuffle isn't recognized by XP
  65. Shuffle Fell In Water
  66. Shuffle - No Windows XP recognition
  67. How Many Re-Charges in Lifespan?
  68. Washed my iPs, then died
  69. Shuffle doesn't seem to like me
  70. Will any headphones work with the suffle?
  71. Separating music lists for iPod & Shuffle on same PC
  72. Should I wait....
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  75. shuffle screen
  76. Wall Charger Problem Fix
  77. Baby pictures lost on shuffle!
  78. iSpoiled shuffle
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  80. Ipod communication error
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  83. amber and green light auto flashing
  84. My friend gave me a free Shuffle!
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  87. yamipod wont detect my shuffle
  88. needs a jumpstart
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  92. Replay bug?
  93. Static from Shuffle
  94. Shuffle not charging or recognized
  95. Ipod Shuffle disconnecting within few seconds(!?)
  96. iPod Shuffle on Windows ME
  97. How To Fix The infamous "Green Light Of Doom"
  98. IPS charging questions
  99. disk can not be read or written to problem
  100. need help
  101. Interesting Shuffle experiment
  102. Help
  103. unable to play
  105. 25MB free, can't add a 5MB song?
  106. cant add songs
  107. error when pressing play / computer wont see ipod
  108. Problem with annoying window popup when updating shuffle
  109. organizing songs on the shuffle
  110. Shuffle's the problem! -->NOT yer pc!
  111. Computer Errors w/ Shuffle 512
  112. Funny Headphone Jack on Shuffle? Warranty?
  113. Is my computer recognizing the shuffle?
  114. Is my computer recognizing the shuffle?
  115. New or Used???
  116. Use Ipod as a pen drive (and mp3 player)
  117. Can't see nothing, capn!
  118. Shuffle and Napster
  119. iPod Shuffle Windows Help
  120. any new shuffle intro tomorrow?
  121. iTunes only sometimes updates playcounts - why?
  122. My Shuffle is being a tard.
  123. ipod and shuffle
  124. Loading shuffle from two computers
  125. green green orange orange orange :(
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  127. **My iPod's dead**
  128. Pause problem, seems related to phone jack
  129. Playing shuffle through car stereo
  130. Serious problems with my Shuffle (1GB)...
  131. Everybody Up Ob These Nerd Boring Boards Needs To Get Up In Here Because Lady J Has..
  132. The USB Connector on my iPod Shuffle came off
  133. Noob question about charging
  134. problems creating a list of all songs using ephPod
  135. Shuffle not recognised at all
  136. Looking for Testers for iPod Shuffle Software
  137. LimeWire
  138. why the shuffle?
  139. shuffle not working with itunes
  140. Shuffle on the way out?
  141. error lights when plugged in?
  142. ipod shuffle? problem..green light..wont play
  143. Charging
  144. ipod shuffle - problem with putting songs on it
  145. iPod shuffle read/write problem.
  146. Reset or reboot....waiting time?
  147. Can you reinstall the firmware?
  148. ipod shuffle
  149. Shuffle & Creative Ep-630 headphones
  150. trouble adding to shuffle
  151. adding more tunes..what did I do wrong?
  152. Can't download iPod Shuffle driver
  153. hearing loss & volume control on ipod Shuffle
  154. Keeping Songs on IPod
  155. Shuffle, skips forward on some tracks when unpausing!
  156. iPod recognized by PC, but iTunes wont open!
  157. Want to buy broken shuffle
  158. best fm transmitter?
  159. apple doesnt sell usb cap!!!!
  160. Help!
  161. did I erase my usb drivers?
  162. Help. my shuffle wont read or write!
  163. 512mb Shuffle plays then stops
  164. Can't access iPod, can't refprmat it.
  165. Communication Error
  166. New Shuffle, No Tunes
  167. shuffle does not recognize certain songs
  168. which is the best proggy ti sort out your tunes
  169. New Shuffle and iTunes
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  171. iPod Shuffle needs formatting?
  172. Firmware Update Failure: Disk Write Error Help please!!
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  175. Have somehow lost my CD drive?
  176. iTunes not recognizing shuffle?
  177. Can I use the ipod on multiple computers?
  178. I need help.....
  179. Free music
  180. Free music
  181. Free music
  182. Free music
  183. Error.
  184. blinking amber light
  185. volume controls not working....help!
  186. Shuffle Sleeps When I press skip twice
  187. Not working in Shuffle Mode, but works in Playlist Mode. Any advice?
  188. Nano And Shuffle
  189. it wont play
  190. iPod shuffle not recognized - Help!
  191. my shuffle wont play
  192. Memory Not Fully Being Used?
  193. Regarding the Shuffle.
  194. 10.2.8/Shuffle/USB1.1 Issues
  195. Help My Shuffles Kinda Stuck!
  196. Anyone selling a shuffle??
  197. Stubborn Shuffle keeps playing the same group of songs
  198. Free downloads
  199. Two iPods, one Mac
  200. USB to Dock Connector for Shuffle
  201. need help downloading music, ASAP!
  202. return policy 512 vs 1gb
  203. Plalists
  204. Upgrading from Shuffle to Ipod Video is there anything i need to do?
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  206. quick question
  207. Multiple ipods on one itunes??
  208. How messy to exchange unused 512MB for 1GB at AppleStore?
  209. turning off shuffle
  210. Charging Shuffle with Belkin DC/DC Adaptor
  211. best adapter for car w/o cassette deck?
  212. Power Support case too loose
  213. can you move your songs from........
  214. iPod Shuffle 1GB won't play, please help!
  215. standardizing volume for all tracks.
  216. Distorted Sound
  217. Error in Shuffle
  218. Amazing...Apple actually replaced my shuffle!
  219. Altec Lansing Shuffle Adapter SA1 REVIEWS?
  220. can someone tell me how long does it take to charge an ipod mini?????
  221. huge freeze when trying to transfer songs to shuffle
  222. Ipod USB Hub Problems.
  223. Green Light wont shut off no music help-1 gb
  224. shuffle forgets where it got to in the playlist
  225. is iDrops right for shuffle?
  226. shuffle with 3G ipod
  227. How to determine what track you are on with the Shuffle
  228. shuffle R.I.P?
  229. auostart file form ipod when it gets attached to the computer
  230. iPod Updater 2005-11-17
  231. ipod shuffle wont play
  232. Saving Spots an intended feature of the Shuffle?
  233. USB Cap Doesn't Fit Precisely
  234. what software do i need
  235. Had Shuffle. Lost it. Bought Nano. Got rid of it. Bought new Shuffle!
  236. interesting ishuffle problem
  237. navigation ring
  238. Constant Green Light - Shuffle 512mb
  239. My Brabd New Ipod is not working!Please help.
  240. Disk could not be read from or written to
  241. Multiple computers
  242. ipod shiffle not recognized
  243. How to fast forward thru a Podcast
  244. Do you guys use the headphone covers the shuffle comes with?
  245. Ipod shuffle speakers Question
  246. incorrect display of "space used"?
  247. ipod shuffle not recognized by my computer
  248. Brand new Big problem
  249. NEW UPDATER: supposedly fixes problems with the shuffle
  250. I want a Shuffle !