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  1. My iPod shuffle says 'could not be read from or written to' Why not?!
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  5. Not Sure
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  22. Quick question :
  23. downloading
  24. Shuffle was gift ... now what ???
  25. screw itunes, i need something to put songs on
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  27. Keeps playing the same songs in the same order and itunes doesn't see shuffle.
  28. 2 Shuffles - One computer - Not possible?
  29. FM Transmitter for Shuffle
  30. iTunes 6.05.20 with firmware v1.1.4 giving error msg
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  32. It wont work
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  34. Pausing problems
  35. My Shuffle Experience
  36. Is it possible to organize single tracks with Shuffle?
  37. Connect ipod to radio
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  39. Great car charger for Shuffle owners
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  44. Error message
  45. USB Charger Question
  46. Has your shuffle lasted 1 year problem free?
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  48. 512MB shuffle + Win Xp SP2 = no charging?
  49. can't be read from or written to
  50. quick question
  51. computer won't recognize shuffle?
  52. iPod Shuffle: Only music? or too data as Word or media player
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  56. Images Transfer Problem
  57. Renaming iPod Shuffle
  58. need help fast
  59. Help.
  60. Green and Ornage Light
  61. Speakers etc Help!!
  62. update on ipod still flashin green
  63. 2 Ipods on one computer ... is that the problem?
  64. help!
  65. great support ...
  66. apple plsss help me
  67. Download
  68. iPod Shuffle seems to freeze up!
  69. ipod shuffle wont download music
  70. greeeeeeen
  71. Using Shuffle and Ipod on same computer
  72. Unresponsive, not being recognized..
  73. The ANSWER: Percussive Maintenance
  74. problem with shuffle... getting annoying
  75. charging?
  76. Charging without software installed
  77. shuffle help
  78. Shuffle through the wash! Major problems now, of course...
  79. delete asf files in shuffle
  80. Clearing files off the shuffle (what can I wipe?)
  81. Ipod Shuffle Cannot be Read Or Written To..
  82. Where can I find a User Guide?
  83. need help please!!!!
  84. Shuffle Ribbon cable detached from USB plug; Hope?
  85. Blinking green and orange lights
  86. shuffle has green and orange light on at the same time.
  87. "Can't read or write to shuffle" ?
  88. Help W/Win98SE...plz
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  91. Question? Need Hellppp
  92. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  93. Formatting Shuffle... it can't stop Rebooting
  94. I need help with my shuffle!
  95. Ipod not being recognized by windows? possible fix
  96. is luca dead?
  97. My computer can't see names of songs
  98. Removing all the songs on my Shuffle and how do I get rid of...
  99. 3rd party software for shuffle
  100. Force playlist order when Podcasts are part of it?
  101. ipod shuffle FM radio
  102. help me please.. cant get shuffle to work
  103. CHEAP accessories at target! half off or more!
  104. XtremeMac shuffle headphone splitter problems
  105. Best case for shuffle
  106. if you delete a song from itunes, the copy on the shuffle WILL be deleted!
  107. iPod shuffle help asap please
  108. Shuffled from mac to PC, no sound
  109. iPod Errors and I've tried everything!
  110. Keeping songs on ipod, and deleting the files on computer?
  111. Boot Sector
  112. Can I tell iPod Shuffle not to loop?
  113. It's full but it's not?
  114. iPodS has been acting funny
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  125. Shuffle Problem
  126. Mojo Shuffle Sweats Vs. Apples Armband?
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  130. need help
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  132. Yellow and Orange Light
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  135. Shuffle stopped playing
  136. Arm Band with Silicone Case?
  137. Battery Performance
  138. Connecting Shuffle to Hi-Fi System
  139. Big Problem!!!!!!!
  140. Maximing your iPod or iPod Shuffle
  141. Apple Ipod Shuffle 512MB - 32.58 Delivered
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  143. What if i plug the shuffle to another PC?
  144. Shuffle issues - charging, using on usb1.1
  145. iPod shuffle error
  146. My computer doesn't recognize my iPod
  147. Portable Speakers for Ipod Shuffle
  148. Ipod Shuffle Issues
  149. Naughty iPod Shuffle - won't charge!
  150. Shuffle dead.............
  151. my ipod shuffle dock uses fast charge technology???????????????
  152. why did you choose a shuffle over any other ipod.
  153. Two questions, please help...
  154. help me pls....
  155. 1gig, shuffle or nano
  156. Problem with Shuffle, won't turn on at all
  157. autoplay
  158. Shuffle Read Speeds
  159. Limewire
  160. Shuffle Battery Question
  161. rebooting problem
  162. Deleting songs from computer removes them from iPod?
  163. Skipping Playlists with Ipod Shuffle - Software....?
  164. Should I be worried about how often I remove and add songs?
  165. can i use my shuffle with usb 1?
  166. My shuffle wont play on normal mode and makes a snapping noise and orange light
  167. Without Itunes
  168. shuffle not recognized in usb port or by itunes or ipod updater
  169. ebay purchase - no software????
  170. Ipod shuffle will not charge.
  171. removing songs from my shuffle!!!
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  173. Apple Suggestion email?
  174. Popup says my Shuffle has no space when I try to autofill
  175. Will you do this to your shuffle?
  176. New Updates
  177. couple of questions plz help
  178. question be4 i buy a shuffle!
  179. Shuffle Grade
  180. [B]Can I have an shuffle and a video ipod on one computer[/B]
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  185. Really need some help BIG problem
  186. space problem
  187. Ipod shuffle with Windows 98 SE
  188. XP won't recognize shuffle or nano
  189. Should I?
  190. can endless repeat be stopped?
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  192. Can iPs be reformatted to HFS?
  193. Found and bought a 1 GB shuffle!
  194. iPod shuffle HP and the regular version
  195. Shuffle doesn't works
  196. Won't work at all, please help
  197. how do i change my internet conection to a proxy??
  198. (help) ipod icon showd up, then dissapered quickly
  199. Shuffle recognized as click wheel.
  200. Cable Question
  201. How do i put songs on an ipod shuffle again?
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  203. Which Armband for out-door running?
  204. Help, My Shuffle Is On The Fritz!
  205. is it the same???
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  207. how much is a shuffle
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  213. Cannot take it anymore!
  214. Bid On A Shuffle!!!
  215. "Firmware update failure. Disk write error."
  216. quick question
  217. apple ipod shuffle armband size max.
  218. Help!!!!!!
  219. Help
  220. 20G & shuffle difficulty
  221. Orange/Green Flashing Lights?
  222. shuffle battery already giving out?!
  223. Can you...?
  224. shuffle lanyard usb cap (apple)
  225. Update wiped firmware clean
  226. SHuffle not Shuffling
  227. Ipod Shuffle Earphones
  228. Updating ipod erases ipod
  229. ipod shuffle is completely dead
  230. I have two ipods and only (1) computer
  231. My Solution to the unreadable/unwritable disk problem.
  232. iPod Shuffle Database Builder
  233. What's wrong with the shuffle?
  234. ipod shuffle not recognized by Windows, Itunes, nor ipod updater
  235. Is there a converter I can get to make my USB port powered?
  236. Charging Issue with my shuffle :|
  237. Are you able to...
  238. iPod Shuffle and Admin
  239. help!
  240. how to bookmark regular mp3s like podcasts
  241. "the Ipod could not be updated, the disk could not be read to"
  242. Help!
  243. How Much Is This Worth???
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  250. Can someone help clear this up??