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  30. help
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  43. Baffled
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  45. I'm obviously an idiot and need help with playlist.
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  67. Constant updating?
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  86. Shuffle
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  94. Help !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  105. Aaarrrrrrrrrrgh!
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  145. Is there any way to use an IPOD Shufflle without Itunes
  146. I guess Apple was serious about 10/31 delivery
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  151. 2nd Generation Shuffle
  152. battery indicator help
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  154. is itunes seriously neccesary
  155. dell is funny
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  158. WOW, only a week and a half ole a full of scratches.
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  172. what on earth is going on
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  205. Cannot be read or written from
  206. New 1GB shuffle (2nd Gen)
  207. How good is it?
  208. why doesnt podcasts play in shuffle mode
  209. Best way I found to organize your songs on the shuffle.
  210. Since When???
  211. http://shufflersunite.blogspot.com/ - You are not alone!
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  217. choosing songs
  218. any genious out there that can help me
  219. your amazing if you can help me with this
  220. Shuffle 1gb- charger problems?
  221. Extremely slow upload
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  248. Not Sure
  249. Case Required for Shuffle?
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