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  1. other usb power adapters besides apple?
  2. iPOD shuffle question
  3. adding a shuffle
  4. Reasonable alternative to apple's shuffle dock.
  5. Smart Playlist
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  8. Just Got My Sport Case!!!
  9. Can the shuffle refill itself automatically without hitting autofill each time?
  10. How Much Should an IPod Shuffle Cost?
  11. Problems Saving Preferences and Ejecting
  12. Keep those headphone cords neatly wrapped
  13. copying songs "manually" no iTunes
  14. ipod shuffle case's
  15. Anyone bought this silicone case on Ebay ?
  16. iPod shuffle pics
  17. Ipod Shuffle recharging question
  18. iPod Shuffle Mini-Purses
  19. 1 gb shuffle or 2g mini
  20. alternatives to iTunes
  21. Apple plastic casings manufacturered in Singapore
  22. iPod Shuffle Software Update 1.1 Now Available
  23. Can the shuffle be used to save data like a Word Doc?
  24. Shuffle automaticall downgrade bitrate of MP3's?
  25. How to charge an iPod shuffle using a wall adaptor?
  26. Itunes "jumping" Around And Audiobook Prob
  27. Why does my Shuffle crashes XP?
  28. Problems using shuffle with 2 macs
  29. Did I break my Shuffle?
  30. shuffle vs mini
  31. Can you shuffle the shuffle
  32. Shuffle can be used as mass storage??
  33. Gym rats.. how do you wear your shuffle?
  34. Battery status light blinking orange
  35. My IPS lost/stolen
  36. |My cruel opinion on the shuffle
  37. How do you know when its fully charged?
  38. My shuffle and 3G Lego Stands
  39. Help
  40. For 12 hours and continuing: Blinks amber when plugged in wall charger!
  41. Want free itunes sampler? then restore your shuffle!
  42. Wer Can I Find A Shuffle Quickly??
  43. To buy or not to buy?
  44. Another Altoids Case
  45. Official Sport Case - Where Can I Get One, QUICK?
  46. Ipod shuffle initial charge question
  47. using Shuffle on another computer
  48. using Shuffle on another computer
  49. Shuffle Inserts gaps Between Songs
  50. Missing 24.5 MB?!?!?!?!
  51. Adding A Fade Feature
  52. Quick Question about Bigger Shuffles
  53. Which is better for playing Basketball?
  54. Won't play music from muisc store
  55. Shuffle or Gran Turismo 4?
  56. iPod Shuffle Kareoke
  57. Static electricity
  58. Switching Computers with Shuffle?
  59. question about charging a shuffle
  60. Yay, its shipped
  61. Made the "mistake" of buying wall charger- Blessing in disguise?
  62. Copying music to iPod Shuffle from multiple computers?
  63. How do you turn off autofill on the Shuffle?
  64. shuffle stand
  65. Replacement cover/neck strap
  66. Spray painted my Ipod Shuffle
  67. Shuffle and emac Compatability
  68. Does sweat really kill the shuffle?
  69. Is the iPod Shuffle out in Canada yet?
  70. should i buy a shuffle or save up and buy a mini???
  71. Mini or Shuffle?
  72. Shuffle great for college and Altoid tin
  73. bestbuy.com
  74. Decals Or Silicone
  75. Managing various playlists
  76. ipod shuffle volume
  77. Shuffle: How to auto-sleep?
  78. itunes a mini and a shuffle
  79. shuffle won't stop formatting & can't eject
  80. Rattle
  81. is there somewhere on this site that i can sell armbands for a shuffle?
  82. Is there a proper way to turn it off?
  83. navigation
  84. USB Charging power problem
  85. Help! ...My Shuffle Crashes XP
  86. Help - My Shuffle crashes XP
  87. In the iPod shuffle box........
  88. Charging Shuffle from PS2
  89. busted shuffle
  90. Help - My Shuffle causes XP to Crash
  91. wow, i love the shuffle
  92. You Guys Rock!
  93. using the shuffle...
  94. Clean your Ipod
  95. iPod Shuffle EU volume limit removal
  96. Shuffle - USB Problems
  97. Help with my limewire downloads!!!
  98. Shuffle with iTunes for other iPods
  99. A little help please...
  100. Shuffle vs. regular Ipod for Running
  101. Old downloading habits create problem on shuffle
  102. Zip-Linq USB Wall Charger Okay?
  103. imac and ips
  104. IPS Charging Lights
  105. "The Clips" from Macmice.com
  106. Battery Pack Question
  107. caught help me!
  108. Safe to format?
  109. Lego pcs and a shuffle holder
  110. Shuffle Questions
  111. 1GB iPod Shuffle VS the Sandisk 1GB MP3 Player
  112. Best Buy Has Shuffles!
  113. iPod shuffle Tips and Tricks???
  114. Battery
  115. Refresh shuffle via smart playlist?
  116. win98, shuffle and a whole world of pain
  117. win98, shuffle and no itunes
  118. cant wait
  119. estimated recive date for shuffle
  120. Ipod Shuffle
  121. Can't switch to manual
  122. Usb To Firewire Converter
  123. USB 2.0 cable
  124. Ipod + Earphones
  125. Converting Songs
  126. computer crashing
  127. Really Important Question
  128. I have got an Idea for a screen
  129. where the shuffle stores its music
  130. ipod shuffle, ebay and warranty
  131. help with my shuffle
  132. Can't resume after pausing? 1GB shuffle
  133. iPod Shuffle skins
  134. How to kill an iPs and bring it back to life
  135. iPS as USB drive?
  136. Shuffle Armband Question
  137. iPod Shuffle Battery Pack
  138. manually adding songs help
  139. USB Corrupt? acting very funny
  140. Before I buy one...
  141. Thinking about getting one, but I have a few questions...
  142. Ordering from Apple.com
  143. travelling with ipod shuffle
  144. Shuffle along on two computers
  145. Shuffle workout cases
  146. Shuffle/Playlist Question
  147. Double set of songs?
  148. More than One playlist in the iPod Shuffle ?
  149. shuffle in car
  150. ipod shuffle just turns off
  151. leather ipod shuffle case
  152. I'm plannin on buying one.
  153. Im planning on buying one.
  154. is it worth it?
  155. Cord management is a form of expression!
  156. Shuffling the Shuffle
  157. Shuffle for Valentines day
  158. FFWD/RWD Problems
  159. Is the shuffle a little, um, flaky?
  160. Charging the Shuffle
  161. For those looking to buy a shuffle...
  162. [Poll] What size shuffle?
  163. I Pod Song!!!!!!!
  164. Shipping Question
  165. The iPod shuffle commercial song?
  166. Altoids Shuffle Case... new and improved
  167. iPod shuffle skin and leather case!
  168. Quick ipod shuffle case...only temporary
  169. Equalizer (itunes->shuffle)
  170. Shuffle Silicone Case or (Official) Sport Case?
  171. 512 or 1gb?
  172. Using IPS in Office
  173. iTunes 4.7.1 keeps crashing after installation
  174. London apple store
  175. Shuffle-available in London stores?
  176. IPod Shuffle jumps during songs?
  177. Other flash players that have...
  178. DIY Ipod shuffle armband
  179. PLAY/PAUSE button broken
  180. Convert Higher Bit Rate Songs - OK I'm stupid...
  181. WinXP - "This USB device can perform faster..."
  182. LoL...ipod shuffle sucks..
  183. poor quality control
  184. One Word -- "gDock"
  185. iPod Shuffle at Micro Center ($75 off offer)
  186. Tried out iPod Shuffle in Apple Store in London
  187. Altoid case
  188. Accessing Audio Books on the IPS
  189. Silly question but...can I drop/drag specific albums across?
  190. Loading music to shuffle
  191. Stolen Shuffle
  192. About to Order: 512Mb or 1Gb
  193. can you use others programs for song to put on a ipod shuffle
  194. iPod shuffle VS muvo
  195. Apple is personally sending an Agent to my HOUSE ?
  196. Apple armbands started shipping yet?
  197. "Oh my god, I got a scratch!"
  198. getting album art with mac os x and itunes 4.7
  199. Believe it or not.....
  200. Is overcharging possible?
  201. Sponges nd' Packages
  202. iPod Shuffle Shufflemate Case ?
  203. static in the shuffle
  204. iPod updater says my 1gb shuffles's capacity =30gb !!
  205. Jump Shuffle to First Track?
  206. Questions about managing Shuffle's playlists
  207. Idea to improve shuffle usability - multiple playlists
  208. Shuffle problem Update
  209. Low USB power devise
  210. Shuffle and Windows XP
  211. shuffle contest
  212. iPod Shuffle on 2 PCs?
  213. Quick Question for Shuffle Owners
  214. USB has 5 additional contacts!
  215. just got shuffle and need help with charging
  216. iPod Shuffle says malfunctioning??? XP
  217. PictBridge charging?
  218. Anyone have the pinout for the usb on the shuffle? Pics of inside? Alt. charger?
  219. Shuffle Song Update - Only replace "heard" songs??
  220. Replacement Caps and Lanyards?
  221. Ipod Shuffle TV Commercial Question
  222. My Silver Shuffle...
  223. music files for shuffle?
  224. How do I change the name of my Shuffle?
  225. Purchased Music
  226. Just Got My Shuffle!
  227. one school and my shuffle
  228. 10 things to do while waiting for you Shuffle
  229. shuffle power in non-powered usb devices
  230. Longer update times?
  231. Leatherman Shuffle Case w/Picture
  232. Shuffle and iPOD on 1 pc??
  233. Shuffle RAID
  234. My .30 color matched headphone cord untangler
  235. Incredibly Sick Shuffle Case
  236. iPod Shuffle in India
  237. Best Shuffle skin idea ever!
  238. downloading with macs
  239. IPS software
  240. Shuffle Repeating Songs While Some Never Played
  241. Ahh my Shuffle Melted!
  242. shuffle not mouting? this is how to fix it
  243. Problem with iPod Shuffle 1 GB
  244. Lanyards
  245. shuffle lockup - i get nothing...no lights no sound
  246. iShuffle Not Working on my XP machine
  247. Never Ask Me If I Want To Replace All Existing Songs - Possible?
  248. Using iPod Shuffle as a flash drive
  249. JW, who owns a shuffle?
  250. Apps with shuffle