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  1. Two Shuffles and a mini on one PC?
  2. Using With Two Computers
  3. From USB 1.0 to 2.0 Power issue
  4. My Husband ROCKS!!
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  6. Shuffle in Car
  7. iPod Market Idea
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  9. Super Shuffle
  10. iPod Shuffle
  11. Shuffle / Ti Powerbook
  12. How to Reformat Shuffle?
  13. Marware SportGrip
  14. Can not recognize Shuffle at all
  15. Duct Tape, Revisited
  16. Shuffle Peeve
  17. Can't boot the computer with the Shuffle connected.
  18. iTunes Not Recognizing My Shuffle
  19. iTunes not recognizing my shuffle
  20. just bought a shuffle, would appreciate some advice!
  21. Shufflel Smart Playlist Q
  22. Free iPod shuffle at TD Canada Trust
  23. how can this be???
  24. How good is it?
  25. opening the usb cap
  26. Shuffle sync to more than one PC?
  27. iPod Shuffle Advertising Music
  28. Buck Shuffle Case
  29. Shuffle Update Question
  30. Is this a copy-cat of Helixipod's aluminum case?
  31. iPod Autopsy
  32. Battery life decreasing...
  33. Shuffle battery problem
  34. Orgasmic shuffle experience
  35. Additional Pins in USB Port
  36. Microsoft behind iPod "Super shuffle" ripoff clone??
  37. BLATANT shuffle rip off. the Super Shuffle
  38. Can you plug shuffle into pc then hook speakers up to shuffle?
  39. Battery replacement issues
  40. Music doesn't play
  41. can you play shuffle through a 2nd computer?
  42. shuffle availability
  43. Can't use iPod Updater
  44. Re-ordering songs on the shuffle (in iTunes)
  45. Folder Pop-Up after transfer
  46. Autofill from another iPod??
  47. dumb iTunes question from a Windows user
  48. are folks gonna dump their old iPods?
  49. Is it normal for front LED lit Orange after only 5 mins of usage?
  50. Features that would be useful...
  51. How do you add a song to a PLAYLIST
  52. ok please help me.
  53. 1G with 328 songs and almost 300mbs left space
  54. How-To Use Shuffle with Windows Explorer AND iTunes (XP)
  55. Windows Disk Write error from 4.7.1
  56. Specific tracks plus random
  57. Flashing Battery Status Light
  58. problem with charging the IPS
  59. "Deleted" Songs from Shuffle, but they are still on it!
  60. Heat While charging in Silicone Case
  61. Shuffle Sport Case Arrived!
  62. some ipod questions
  63. Shuffle arrived... light confusion
  64. any way to use two different machines?
  65. any way to use two different machines?
  66. Delayed Shipping from XtremeMac for Shuffle Belt Clip
  67. Shuffle battery life?
  68. Drag & Drop on the Shuffle (in Itunes)
  69. Hey Shuffle owners, you guys interested in this...
  70. iPod Updater 2005-02-22 makes "iPod Driver 3.1" unnecessary?
  71. Anyone else having this Problem?
  72. My shuffle temporarily died...
  73. WTB: Extension Cable from iPod Shuffle Sport Case
  74. hot to the touch
  75. Best Altoids Case Yet
  76. How do I tell what song is playing?
  77. Shuffle and hard drive Ipod
  78. Question about plugging in the shuffle
  79. wireless modulators
  80. does Shuffle need a pre-amp?
  81. Unkown error when I try to update
  82. shuffle questions.
  83. Shuffle deleting Music?
  84. Orange light flashing continuously?
  85. noobie question
  86. What's new in 1.1?
  87. iPod Shuffle USB/iMac G5 doesn't connect correctly
  88. Will a shuffle be compatible with...
  89. Where To Find Shuffle Case Now
  90. ***caution*** Read Before Using Shuffle
  91. How Heavy is the Shuffle?
  92. I accidentally put my shuffle in the washing machine
  93. is the shuffle bulletproof
  94. Cooling fan
  95. Inventions
  96. question about burning itunes into cds
  97. volume and battery life?
  98. ipod shuffle headphones
  99. battery lifetime
  100. Shuffle cant play playlists?
  101. disk space reservation
  102. I am really not liking this right now...
  103. Anyone waiting for the Apple case or armband?
  104. i need some help with my shuffle
  105. Ipod shuffle concept
  106. What happens if I install iPod software on 2 computers
  107. PC Won't Recognize New Shuffle
  108. Question about storing files on iPod shuffle
  109. Lost Ipod_control Folder On Shuffle Help!
  110. A quick hint :)
  111. shuffle and printer drivers
  112. iPod Shuffle Charging and USB HUBs
  113. Plays too Slow
  114. How can I not losing all my songs in ipod shuffle while switching between 2 diff. Mac
  115. shuffle saved
  116. iPod Updater
  117. with me MORE ?'s on my shuffle
  118. Calling Boltjames
  119. In the shuffle but wont play
  120. sweat ruining shuffle?
  121. Shuffle Cufuffle
  122. iPod Shuffle radio transmitter?
  123. Shuffle Playcount Update
  124. Why The Shuffle Doesn't Have A Display....
  125. shuffle and itunes
  126. New Altoids Gum Case
  127. Quick Question: Any Chance for Shuffle Update at next conference?
  128. How does Shuffle's playlist mode work?
  129. Sport Case
  130. Shuffle not working!!
  131. DIY USB charger
  132. Protected AAC files
  133. Anyone using gtkpod on linux
  134. I Just Ordered The iPod Shuffle Sport Case
  135. Shuffle and Autofill?
  136. Updating or restoring killed two iPod Shuffles??
  137. It this right - Orange Light Flashing (Charging)
  138. For those curious as to the innards of a shuffle...
  139. Ipod shuffle help
  140. Multi-purpose uses for the iPod Shuffle!
  141. Pacific Rim Gel Shield and Apple Shuffle Armband
  142. Shuffle as a removable drive
  143. Shuffle me crazy!
  144. Transfering music from iPod Photo
  145. Tech Support help me plz
  146. battery led is always indicates low charge
  147. Charging Options
  148. Did you know? Album art also transfers to shuffle
  149. Actual Format Space on 512 mb shuffle...
  150. Computer and iTunes does not recognize shuffle
  151. HELP with Transferring Songs
  152. How do i charge my ipod shuffle?
  153. why can't I use my ipod shuffle on 2 computers?
  154. Itunes not allowing certain music onto iPod Shuffle.
  155. Windows Rewuirments for Shuffle as Disk
  156. Can flash memory wear out?
  157. ZipLinq Charger
  158. Survey: At which volume you listen to your Shuffle?
  159. Music Download
  160. Automatically Update?
  161. Weird shuffle behavior - broken switch?
  162. problems about my shuffle
  163. Slow Filling?
  164. Shuffle on Win 98? Need a driver.
  165. Shuffle on Different PC's, HELP!
  166. ipod shuffle NON-DESTRUCTIVE disassembly
  167. internal batt
  168. Play Soundtrack tracks in order?
  169. What is the Song in the iPod Shuffle Advertisement?
  170. Shuffle and the temperature
  171. Charging Shuffle on Another Computer
  172. USB cable won't connect but port will
  173. Charge iPod shuffle with original iPod charger?
  174. iPod shuffle + camera?
  175. Lost all my music!
  176. shuffle USB cap
  177. ordered shuffle 512mb - anyone ordered from empiredirect.co.uk???
  178. Shuffle with a G4 Cube
  179. Off Switch
  180. Help. Shuffle + 40Gig 3G + Windows PC = Trouble
  181. Considering returning mine
  182. Volume Restriction
  183. Won't Charge
  184. Mini or Shuffle?
  185. Mine doesn't pick up where it left off?
  186. Smart playlists
  187. auto fill doesn't work
  188. Universal car charger with USB input
  189. 265 on a 1gb iPod shuffle...???
  190. Shuffle won't play
  191. using jump drives for the music from itunes
  192. connecting the shuffle
  193. xtrememax shuffle accesories released
  194. Would this gadget make sense to you?
  195. iPod <-> iPod shuffle direct sync?
  196. For the Star Wars fans...
  197. How do i know if fully charged in 'disk enabled mode'?
  198. Shuffle Playcount ??
  199. would you
  200. Trouble playing authorized music.
  201. Would constantly charging my Shuffle damage the battery?
  202. Help ... new Shuffle user Question
  203. Apple is great at fixing bugs...
  204. 1 iPod and 2 Shuffles on 1 PC?
  205. whats wrong with my shuffle?!?!?!?!
  206. Target has shuffle for sale today
  207. Analyst expects 5 Million iPod shuffles in 2005
  208. Change Name of Shuffle
  209. charging
  210. When shuffle goes to sleep...
  211. shuffle switch
  212. Has anyone's shuffle froze at least once?
  213. Shuffle
  214. Mini or Shuffle?? Which One?
  215. Problem Using Autofill Feature
  216. Join CD Tracks
  217. un-nkown error... please help
  218. $100 for the Shuffle's Sport Case
  219. Pic of my Shuffle...
  220. Setting up the iPod shuffle
  221. Tune Belt "Shuffle" Armbands on eBay?
  222. help
  223. Debating
  224. insane armband price
  225. Question for those who use a USB Wall Charger
  226. Photoshoped Pink iPod shuffle
  227. Without iTunes
  228. Owner name?
  229. What are the odds of shipping being pushed back?
  230. Shuffle Durability?
  231. 1G Shuffle Play Time
  232. Ipod Socks
  233. Check this out... total use of the Shuffle
  234. iPod Shuffle
  235. iPod Shuffle
  236. Ipod Shuffle
  237. Question about m4b mono files on shuffle
  238. Shuffle questions...
  239. Shuffle and XP Service Pack 1
  240. Error message when updating
  241. complete albums on shuffle...?
  242. few questions about shuffle...
  243. Any problems with iTunes recognising IPS on windows?
  244. iPod shuffle with iPod mini
  245. Firmware fixes audible 'clicks'
  246. IPS Updater Problem
  247. navigation with out shuffle mode..
  248. Do these help when exercising???
  249. Help
  250. Now I need a radio