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  22. *deep breaths*
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  33. flickering orange light !
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  37. XP Can't Regonize Shuffle and I can't update/unistall and start over!
  38. XP won't recognize shuffle... and other problems...
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  40. iPod shuffle baseball cap
  41. Im over shuffle cases
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  44. Got the shuffle today
  45. Adding Songs Without iTunes
  46. Help needed !!! plz help me
  47. getting a shuffle, help plz!
  48. My Horrible Shuffle Experience!
  49. Transfer from iPod to Mac?
  50. Shuffle works well for podcast listening
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  52. 1g shuffle?
  53. Reformat
  54. importing from cd's
  55. got a shuffle today
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  57. MusicMatch with iPod Shuffle?
  58. Shuffle on multiple Itunes Computers
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  63. Never Ending Charging
  64. itunes does not see shuffle
  65. iTunes not working
  66. Cheapest charging option
  67. I need help on 2 things! Im gonna cry if i dont find this out -_-
  68. HELP! how the heck do i put songs into my shuffle pod??
  69. Is there a way to put my iPod in disk mode?
  70. formatting
  71. Shuffle Owners
  72. Wondering about USB ports
  73. I'm stuck in the stone age. Help mateys.
  74. IVault availble?
  75. Is this a stupid question ??
  76. iTunes Question
  77. iPod Shuffle Help after a System Recovery was done
  78. Stopping tracks from being removed...
  79. shuffle doesnt like 128kbps AAC
  80. Can i adapt my 40gb 4G wall charger for a shuffle??
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  83. any sportwrap impressions?
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  85. Window Opens Shuffle Every Sync Since iTunes Update?
  86. Software Update - Opens Drive Folder Every Sync?
  87. Transfering song between computers
  88. Error (-50)
  89. naming chapters in itunes so audiobook plays in sequence?
  90. 1 or more protective cases?
  91. Shuffle sports case
  92. Why is it so hard to find a USB/AC adapter?
  93. Can any downloaded music be put on shuffle?
  94. Nice Variety of Skins...
  95. error 36
  96. Incase Multipurpose Neoprene Case?
  97. Do Tiny, Battery-less Speakers Not Work?
  98. HELP! New iPod Shuffle Light Problem!
  99. Shuffle Battery Button?
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  101. FIX TO MAKE iPod Shuffle Update Last Played Date
  102. How to turn your iPod into an iPod Shuffle [READ HERE]
  103. No songs showing on new PC
  104. Battery Life?
  105. Ipod Shuffle with Logic3 i-Station 2.1 Sub-woofer Speakers and Docking Station
  106. Shuffle Software won't install
  107. my shuffle is half full with no songs!?
  108. replacement plans... amazon vs best buy
  109. iPod shuffle not showing in Itunes or Windows explorer
  110. Shuffle External Battery Pack
  111. Replacement cap in the UK
  112. Shuffle power-up time?
  113. Has anyone tried DV FOrge's "Podbuddy"
  114. 128AAC, difference in sound quality?
  115. sounds question
  116. I'm in a pickel!!!(help)
  117. shuffle earphone input socket only works for one ear? :S
  118. Charging without losing
  119. Suggestions for other earbuds
  120. Shuffle Tatoo's And case
  121. Shuffle Broke :(
  122. I think my shuffle's Dead
  123. new to technology -usb not fitting -is an ipod dock what i need?
  124. Load ipod from Multiple PCs
  125. iPod Shuffle - Charging ???
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  127. Anyway to replace the battery?
  128. advice for a $100 mp3 player
  129. shuffle hangs with amber light blinking + other ?'s
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  131. files too large for mini?
  132. HELP! Turn off autofill on a different PC
  133. New Ipod Shuffle Skin from Lajo - Exo3x
  134. Filling a shuffle with a 4gen iPod
  135. Going silicone? Go Power Support! (user review)
  136. Starts in the middle of a song
  137. Clearing songs off shuffle...
  138. HELP! How do I turn off the Autofill sync?
  139. shuffle and mini problem
  140. Autofill Weirdness
  141. ipod shuffle sound quality
  142. i dont get it
  143. anybody have the powersupport case yet?
  144. Only worked the first time
  145. Pause vs Off: battery usage.
  146. scraching
  147. iPod connects, iPod shuffle does not.
  148. Usb 2 extender cable on usb 1.1 port ; will it work?
  149. Problem with Final Fantasy songs from iTunes on my shuffle!
  150. ear buds
  151. is Service Pack 2 on XP needed for Shuffle?
  152. Cannot connect new Shuffle
  153. Disabling certain songs for Autofill
  154. new ipod shuffle...couple problems
  155. Help With Itunes
  156. How-To: Create a portable version of the database builder
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  159. Bought my Shuffle!!!
  161. Have photo, should I add shuffle?
  162. ishuffle charging issue
  163. ipod shuffle waterproof case?
  164. How long does your shuffle battery last?
  165. 512mb versus 1gb
  166. Cheap D.I.Y.cases for shuffle
  167. 1 ipod 2 machines 1 silly question
  168. How random the shuffle is.
  169. Win XP Home, iPod Shuffle, USB not working
  170. Shuffle commericals
  171. Is there a gapless playback mp3 player available?
  172. Extrememac Airplay
  173. How do I get rid of the second gap between tracks on a continuous mix ??
  174. shuffle on vacation
  175. review of DLO case/armband
  176. IPOD Shuffle autofill doesn't work!!
  177. Just a 'random' question
  178. ipod shuffle cd reboots my Dell!
  179. Shuffle skips tracks in play in order mode
  180. homemade ipod shuffle charger
  181. re: shuffle does not play a lot of songs?
  182. Speck Protect & Connect Case
  183. Cheap do it yourself shuffle skins
  184. Ipod Shuffle wont play
  185. About the Battery Pack
  186. It charged "fully" in two hours (?)
  187. Filling a shuffle from a "normal" iPod
  188. Simple Questions..
  189. Filling Shuffle From Genre-based Smart Playlist
  190. Icon goes missing
  191. Wish U didnt get the Shuffle???
  192. Not changing the songs on my iPod
  193. Armband Stink?
  194. Weird battery light while playing song
  195. Songs with period character in filename don't play!
  196. Skips first 1/2 beat of every song
  197. Some question about ipod shuffle...
  198. iPod won't show on drive
  199. help?
  200. Question about charging for first time...
  201. Can I use Firewire to upload songs to ishuffle?
  202. Help on my iPOD Shuffle
  203. How to find which firmware your shuffle has?
  204. Rear (battery chrg indicator) light flashes when connected to PC
  205. New Ipod Shuffle Ad
  206. Shuffle heats up (using usb extender cable)
  207. os9 / windows 98 probs
  208. IPOD Dead? No Charge, No Status Repariable?
  209. Fitting more songs.
  210. Song Order
  211. Possibly my last 2 questions
  212. Is it in right?
  213. why does my shuffle have 15MB memory pre-used?
  214. Your Initial Thoughts On iPod shuffle
  215. iPod Shuffle Cloned!
  216. Transfer from iPod to Shuffle
  217. iPod shuffle: several questions
  218. Shuffle help needed
  219. I wish i could have my shuffle in my shower
  220. Charge only lasts about 4 hours every other day
  221. Only a small percentage of what is loaded plays
  222. Not Reading the Shuffle?
  223. Need help installing Please
  224. iPod shuffle snaps up 58% of the US market for flash-based MP3 players
  225. Shuffle stays very warm when charged??
  226. No Icon Poping up
  227. dlo clip?
  228. iPod is iHell
  229. do Apple Stores sell non-apple accessories?
  230. headphone splitter
  231. free charger
  232. US/EU iPod Shuffle volume
  233. Ipod shuffle just doesn't play?
  234. Charging the iPod Shuffle with Firewire AC Adapter?
  235. Help - I Pod Drivin Me Crazzzzzzzzy!
  236. shuffle organising
  237. shuffle cases UK
  238. Battery
  239. Pause or switch off Shuffle when not needed.
  240. Is this battery behavior normal? Loses full charge?
  241. cool skin.shuffle cardboard case
  242. 512 and got 1 GB wtf!!
  243. PC wont read shuffle anymore
  244. PC/laptop does not recognize Shuffle
  245. Bottom of ipod temp. Came off
  246. Can I charge my shuffle without a computer??
  247. Funny smell/fume emitting from new shuffle
  248. How to autofill the shuffle automatically while sleeping?
  249. Using a 20gig and shuffle on same computer
  250. Multiple Playlists on Future Shuffles