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  1. My iTunesPlaylists won't play
  2. Applescript needed for Smart Playlist edits
  3. Can't add list of URL tracks to playlist
  4. Copy to NAS Script
  5. I am Micheal1
  6. Trim un-HTML-friendly characters from song names...
  7. Non-filepath-dependent exported playlists droplet
  8. Looking to use applescripts to restore Library information
  9. Tag Permissions
  10. Change Dock icon name to song playing
  11. Embed artwork in all tracks of an album
  12. Can't get every track of playlist error -1728
  13. iTunes renames tracks after edit - Doug's Track Parser Script
  14. problems with PDF Adder - Doug’s AppleScripts for iTunes
  15. Refresh data from ID3 tags
  16. Script to select all unused iPhone apps
  17. updating track info from external db
  18. One Song From Each Artist In Playlist
  19. Bug Report for Quick Convert script
  20. Cover Artists
  21. Add to iTunes, delete from Downloads, add Grouping to ID3?
  22. Unzip, Add to iTunes, delete from Downloads, add Grouping to ID3?
  23. Unzip, Add to iTunes, delete from Downloads, add Grouping to ID3?
  24. Complete my album
  25. Filtering other's purchased music
  26. know of a script to keep focus on tracks being viewed?
  27. Move Playlists to Folder v2.1
  28. Where is Doug ?
  29. Caution: Track Parser 1.3.1-"comments" !!!!
  30. iTunes Library Manager drops the ball
  31. Dupin doesn't load
  32. list albums by average rating (mode and/or median)?
  33. Nested sort by Key then Bpm
  34. Improvements for iTunes.
  35. Move Album to External on Delete
  36. Applescript - Adding Artwork to iTunes
  37. Joining takes forever
  38. iTunes video rewind script?
  39. One Song From Each Artist In Playlist.
  40. AppleScript myth: Occasional high speed bursts
  41. Doug's Re-Add Selected Tracks as Podcast script - bugs
  42. Set/Rename "Name" to Episode ID
  43. Identify tracks with small artwork
  44. lossless to aac album art
  45. Script to fix a server pathname mess?
  46. Please help!! Underscores in iTunes. Want to Remove
  47. Delete duplicates but keep playlists intact?
  48. Condition for the type of file being played by itunes
  49. Playlist export/import help?
  50. Now (not) Playing in iChat AV 1.8.1
  51. Needle Drop problem
  52. daypart application help!
  53. "Playlists to Folders" script
  54. AppleScript to "Fix" the Smart Playlist order problem
  55. Need Applescript For Skype Volume - Will Pay!
  56. Burning a CD
  57. Looking for guinea pigs to beat up my radio station playlist
  58. Trying to search all tracks based on properties
  59. Script not working in SL
  60. ! on songs from SMB share?
  61. Applescript to rename folders based on tags
  62. Help with script in iTunes 9
  63. Column Width AppleScript?
  64. Join Together and Snow Leo
  65. strange message right at launch
  66. iTunes music on an external drive?
  67. Dupin - Error on Purge
  68. Music Folder Files Not Added script from Doug's Scripts
  69. Merge 2 Video Files in iTunes
  70. Stop itunes auto scrolling
  71. Applescript to add "Track Count" to imported tracks???
  72. Unchecked Songs
  73. Dupin just sits there
  74. Script to add song to iTunes DJ
  75. "Join Together" won't
  76. These iTunes SCRIPTS are GODSEND!!!!!! TAGGING IS A BREEZE NOW!!!
  77. Move files Script
  78. Script help needed (new to applescripts)
  79. Adding an action to open a web page
  80. REQ: Script for Chronological Album Sort
  81. Toggling "Copy files to folder when adding to library" using script?
  82. Apple Script Help
  83. Sharing one iTunes Music Folder between multiple computers/users - how to sync?
  84. Convert to MP3 with LAME
  85. iTunes Music Store information copy to id3
  86. Beginner in applescript
  87. update metadata ipod->itunes
  88. Correcting Artist name
  89. Donation
  90. Hotkey for shuffle
  91. Library Name
  92. Accented characters in lyrics
  93. Reading Artist info of commercial CDs not in Gracenote/CDDB
  94. Corralling Artwork in album folders
  95. Recover text playlist from .xml file?
  96. Removing Track Numbers from Finder Names
  97. Cute/goofy/worthless iTunes Help feature
  98. Quit problem with Rate Me! Rate Me!
  99. Need help with "add" tracks/files via AppleScript
  100. Lyrics via LyricWiki as Triggered Script?
  101. Obtaining track by location
  102. Control Itunes from Mail
  103. Replacing file for a song entry in iTunes?
  104. Getting this error code when trying to consolidate
  105. itunes library info differs from actual file name
  106. DMCA-legal playlist generator?
  107. Apple Script for Automated Photographs
  108. Add Files and Folder Art droplet v0.8 release
  109. Generate random albums playlist
  110. Folder Action
  111. Monitoring Airtunes
  112. iTunes CPR: minor bugs & any plans for an upgrade?
  113. One question, one idea.
  114. Update "Embed Artwork" with ProgBar support?
  115. Can applescript visually select tracks?
  116. Needle Drop Addition
  117. A little help with a moving target, pls
  118. Bugs in Clean No Lyrics playlist ?
  119. Automate List Music Folder Files Not Added?
  120. Dupin for Mac: Apple script error
  121. Clear Last Played in iTunes track
  122. Help: Script to take buddy status current song and play in my iTunes
  123. Find Incomplete Albums v0.9
  124. iTunes Help - Eliminating Corrupt Files
  125. ITunes copy random tracks script table overflow
  126. Change Video metas...
  127. Legitimize Track
  128. Delete tracks with missing artwork
  129. Help request for the Known Apache Bug with Doug's "Re-Add Selected Tracks as Podcast"
  130. locating mono
  131. Multiple Dead Tracks
  132. Creating smart playlists
  133. My tracks will re-import to Library, but not back into my PLAYLISTS!
  134. Add note to track in itunes?
  135. Script to synch library and playlists to external drive
  136. How to check if a track is part of a playlist
  137. Finding Albums With Missing Tracks?
  138. Play This Track's Album v0.9
  139. How to update location property for an iTunes track?
  140. Make genius playlists?
  141. Assimilate View Options v2.1 inconsistent?
  142. Play Album/Artist of Current Track
  143. Play just one album
  144. AppleScript to Keep One Day's Worth of Multiple-File Podcast, Deleting Prior?
  145. Improved "Say What is This" script - works with radio
  146. subtitles
  147. Quick Convert Question
  148. quarantine list?
  149. Want to manage laptop drive / external hard drive library
  150. sync or merge playlists
  151. F'n Exclamation Points
  152. Network 'drop' folder regularly added and updating itunes..?
  153. Restart Visualisations Dialogue after 30 seconds applescript?
  154. itunes mislabeling tracks as dead
  155. Playlist Management
  156. Jewel Cases
  157. Script to FIND duplicate track names
  158. Movie script - Automatically add year, genre, description?
  159. Export List of iPhone Apps (Applications)?
  160. Duplicate files in iTunes after running script
  161. Half-star ALBUM ratings?
  162. Itunes importing
  163. Can Automator, or Applescript, select an iTunes track?
  164. new imac; don't want to lose ipod play counts ...
  165. Is it possible to insert into playlists at specific locations??
  166. Export smaller MP3s
  167. Request for New Script from Doug (iTunes)
  168. SURPRISE! Pause after each track / insert blanks
  169. Can't get current selection!
  170. Would it be possible/too difficult to do something like this?
  171. Dupin issue
  172. Problem installing iTunes
  173. One Song From Each Artist In Playlist...
  174. Dupin Issue
  175. See What's Coming....?
  176. 10-Star Song Rating Script
  177. Multiple file locations
  178. transfer photos, music from pc to iphone??
  179. AppleScript Guidance Needed
  180. AS to save Quicktime movies and copy to iTunes
  181. Tweet iTunes track
  182. Script Request/Idea: Genre from Wikipedia
  183. New Script to Share: Load iTunes from CD/DVD
  184. Fastest way of adding tracks to a playlist
  185. itunes' play count and shared music
  186. will pay for custom itunes script
  187. Help: Tagging problems after using scripts
  188. Slow script performance with huge library?!?!
  189. formatting asian (Chinese) text in iTunes lyrics
  190. Burn a CD
  191. full Screen Visualizations applescript
  192. Unsubscribing from facebook itunes music group
  193. Import and Play in iTunes - Should be simple right?
  194. Toggling ID3 tags between "None" and "v2.3" or "v2.4"
  195. Lyrics to TextEdit
  196. iPod lyrics to Notes
  197. I Need Help Relocating Dead Files!
  198. autodelete tracks script ?
  199. Create your own HD•SD Videos in iTunes 8.0.1
  200. Gracenote CDDB and Safari Kit 3.0
  201. one song from each artist
  202. Add comments to movie script please
  203. playing podcast tracks in playlists
  204. Dougscripts Help
  205. DELETING MANY Tracks ??
  206. Update to "Make Bookmarkable"?
  207. Need Script to Automatically Relink Dead (!) Tracks to their FIles
  208. Easy Itunes question
  209. List Music Folder Files Not Added not working with Genius
  210. Autostart of iTunes
  211. Detecting Current Playback Window
  212. want script to add year
  213. a script to upload the cover art of the currently playing song
  214. iTunes Music Lister script
  215. script to move unmanaged itunes library files around
  216. Script Suggestion for Custom Sorting
  217. Get an album from artist and title
  218. How can I access a mounted iTunes data disc ?
  219. select tracks based on length?
  220. equalizer preset of a track
  221. typing the path of the xml library in script editor
  222. Need AppleScripts for...
  223. Need Help: iTunes Script Album Artwork
  224. PDF Adder v2.3 broken
  225. Need script to stop or pause purchased iTunes downloads
  226. exporting tracks with the proper folder organisation
  227. Question _ Is there a script, wich can... _ ???
  228. Not in Any Playlist scripts broken
  229. How Do I Load Tracks To New Library
  230. AppleEvent timed out with Make Video Tags script
  231. "Remote Apple Events" User Authentication failure
  232. putting date of release before album name
  233. Doug's Applescripts Site
  234. AppleScript Bug/Feature in iTunes 7.7.1
  235. Updated Expired Podcasts - broken with iTunes 7.7.1
  236. Script to remove artistname from trackname tag?
  237. Scriptable Search Field in itunes.
  238. Problem with Update Expired Podcast script
  239. Converting AAC to another format?
  240. wanna sort itunes music library differently...
  241. help first mac replacing my PC
  242. How to run apple script at itunes launch
  243. Colour tags in iTunes Browser
  244. disable "play songs while importing or converting" via applescript
  245. deleting played tracks from library and filesystem
  246. IPod to ITunes synch script not working anymore
  247. help?
  248. Build playlist based on Purchaser?
  249. Delete iPod Playlist and Tracks not working anymore
  250. iTunes out of memory message