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  1. BIGGER storage?
  2. Delivery date?
  3. How do I get the guy to check on serial number over the phone at Best Buy?
  4. Album Artwork Question
  5. dim screen from sleep?
  6. Does anyone know if amazon...
  7. Where to get a touch!? (circuitcity)
  8. Can You Change the Ipod Touch Dock Icons
  9. This is not very cool....
  10. how do i get music from my ipod onto my itunes?
  11. stuck pixel - how to fix
  12. newbie question re shuffling music
  13. How do you ask a reasonable question
  14. What's The Best Way To Test For A Defective Screen?
  15. Does The Sceen Scratch??
  16. Is there a way to plug in the USB cable without removing the wrap on the Ipod?
  17. Is the week 37 box a picture of some other woman instead of Macy Grey?
  18. Use your touch to text message
  19. New USB Cable Physically Damages iPod Touch! Its Horrible!
  20. 8GB iPod Touch vs. 80GB iPod Classic
  21. Adobe Flash Player for iPod touch
  22. what to tell Best buy now to get an exchange since the update....
  23. The best iPod Touch of all for the UK user? Just 150, plus a lot of effort....
  24. Looking for iPod Touch 1.1 ipsw restore
  25. Week 39 iPod?...Anyone have one?...Any Problems?
  26. How long from Prepared to ship to actual shipping?
  27. Compatible software to get music back to computer?
  28. Automatically Sync Songs to Touch?
  29. Just emailed best buy Corp.
  30. Album art problem
  31. iPod touch 1.1.1 update and no more wifi!
  32. Just got a touch, some questions
  33. Fast mode for video podcasts?
  34. Apple gone to the dark side
  35. Invisible Shield for iPhone?!?!
  36. Ipod touch return eligbility?
  37. Getting out of "Accessory Attached" lockdown?
  38. Purchased music not playing
  39. How to Unplug Touch?
  40. TOuch is locked on apple logo
  41. iPod Touch will not show up in iTunes for Windows XP
  42. Display Song Length on the Touch?
  43. UK Online Delivery Date ???
  44. where do i purchase from?
  45. Headphone jack difficult??
  46. Erasing the iPod Touch
  47. Ipod Touch for $ 220 - should I do it or not??
  48. Does the AirClick or any other remote work with the touch?
  49. Are e-books at all possible on Touch?
  50. Firmware Update (not screen related)
  51. Is the iPod Touch worth it now after the iPhone getting all the features?
  52. guys..help me decide
  53. Lyrics on IPod Touch??
  54. How can you tell the difference between W37 and W38?
  55. The firmware update helped my 36...but not fix it
  56. Apple needs to switch screen manufacturer, or else.
  57. Bookmarks won't sync
  58. touch in stores tomorrow?
  59. Error Updating
  60. how to sync photos??
  61. Invisible Shield for iPod Touch review...
  62. Touched too soon...
  63. Alternate volume control
  64. Walmart & the iPod Touch
  65. how to create and store docs offline
  66. Does 1.1.1 Actually Fix Your Negative Black Problem?
  67. ipod-touch-software-update-version-111-fixes-display-problems-on-week-37-ipods
  68. Apple Stores - Week 38 screens?
  69. iPod Touch update on iTunes
  70. iPod Touch screen guard/protector
  71. iPod Touch Charging Question!
  72. how the heJJ do i use the tv out feature??
  73. Should I wait?
  74. any asian have change in their order status yet?
  75. Blurred coverflow?
  76. Battery Indicator
  77. itouch vs. 5.5 gen ipod
  78. iPhone earphones on touch?
  79. Bluetooth?
  80. The Next Touch-iPad
  81. So much for third party apps (for now, anyway)...
  82. Ipod touch plastic film
  83. iPod Touch UK compared with iPhone Review
  84. yet another wifi question....
  85. Apple Store shipping -- "Signature Required?"
  86. I'm curious what will happen... (sync question)
  87. i returned it, but still had one dead pixel...
  88. Sync Issue
  89. Problem Playing Music
  90. Where in China Did Your Preorder Come From?
  91. Contacts backed up?
  92. Picture comparison between my week 37 and week 38
  93. My touch
  94. Problems with Wifi! Anyone else have this probem?
  95. Apple Store - Regent Street
  96. Week 38 Problems
  97. Units Shipped From Apple.com Week 38?
  98. For DANES !!!
  99. When will it arrive?
  100. Touch Screen Problems,2 Quick Questions. . . . .
  101. Ipod Touch with iHome
  102. ipod touch syncing problems HELP PLEASE
  103. PDF Files on iTouch?
  104. WiFi and Battery Life
  105. returned it once..can i do it again at bestbuy?
  106. Am I the only person that...
  107. Australians: Anyone got a Touch yet?
  108. GREAT news for those who want extra battery life with iPod Touch!
  109. Will Apple release the official cause of the screen defect?
  110. how do i put songs i bought on my itouch back on my computer?
  111. how to add calendar dates w/o + calendar app
  112. how to make notes w/o 'notes app'
  113. Battery Pack Compatibility?
  114. Wireless iTunes FREE Song Downloads
  115. Am I the only one who didnt get a defective week 36??
  116. iPod touch Wi-Fi Questions / Problems
  117. Which engraving is better
  118. Week 39 Touches
  119. Can you tell if screen is defective just out of the box ?
  120. Swap storage between touch and iphone?
  121. Ipod Touch Cases... WHEN?
  122. Coverflow behavior on the Touch
  123. Clock Issues
  124. UK: What's the best way to get a touch?
  125. how to email word docs via goffice
  126. Which carrier for Wifi on Ipod touch.
  127. Windows XP with no iTunes thinks my Touch is a camera
  128. What happens if i block antena with Invisible Shield?
  129. Which Warranty?
  130. battery life?
  131. Vista 64
  132. Its Taking Ages
  133. Touch gets very hot when operating and hotter when charging
  134. Itouch & streaming music via WiFi
  135. Extended Warranty
  136. first ipod
  137. Apple Stores Know About The Problems!
  138. dead pixels...
  139. Does it cost money for iTunes to automatically get Album artworks?
  140. Nowthat I have the touch, I have a few questions
  141. Mine got returned today
  142. Canadians who order from the Apple Website
  143. When can i expect apple.com to start selling refurbs?
  144. Docks
  145. why doesn't safari always zoom in when its supposed to?
  146. Getting a Touch!
  147. People Who Recently Received Preorders, Post Your Week # Here!
  148. Problems syncing brand new Touch - timed out
  149. Anyone get thier Invisible Shield yet?
  150. I just ordered one of these sleeves
  151. iTouch and video output
  152. Kanye West Angered By Defective iPod Touch
  153. Wifi On Campus??
  154. Invisible SHIELD and iPod Touch
  155. Are fixed i touches = in quality to I phone
  156. Apple Store says got new shipment today?
  157. Backlight Timer?
  158. Screen cleaning?
  159. returning a classic for a touch
  160. iTunes process doesn't close properly when shutting down?
  161. Week 38 UK
  162. Can The Touch Do Tricks like the iPhone?
  163. Love the new touch
  164. Physical durability of iTouch
  165. Anyway to have the backlight go out - but not lock, like in the classic models?
  166. I'm sure no one's going to believe me...
  167. Who had no problems changing in stores?
  168. Should i exchange through phone or store?
  169. Got an itouch yesterday at apple store is it ok?
  170. Ipod Touch corruption
  171. Week 38's
  172. Does the Touch use the same video format as the iPod Video?
  173. Week 37 iTouch with screen issues
  174. Different AC/Computer Connected Behavior on my Wk 38 Unit vs My Returned Wk 37 Unit
  175. Youtube and itunes doesn't work!!
  176. Week 38/39 Availability in the UK?
  177. how's week 37?
  178. Anyone else have trouble sorting videos?
  179. Thin Rubber/Silicon Cases
  180. Enable Disk Use (Intel Mac only)
  181. Request Week 38 Touch to be Shipped from Apple?
  182. Touch cases?
  183. song queueing question on the touch...
  184. getting my ipod touch in 2 weeks got a couple of question can someone answer please..
  185. To replace a week 37 - must reserve a spot at the genius bar for help
  186. Clock problem
  187. Easy way to get Album artwork?
  188. iTouch #2
  189. how do i check week no? purchasing queries
  190. Ordered 16 Sep -- Will my Touch be okay?
  191. 8g or 16?
  192. How long, on average, to upload a 500 Mb movie file?
  193. Exchanging your iPod Touch - 4 steps to give you the best chance
  194. Aim, Msn, Yahoo?
  195. Question about charging for the first time
  196. anyone else having problems with youtube?
  197. Does the touch have a future.
  198. This is my first ipod...switched from crative zen
  199. Light grey dot normal???
  200. cases
  201. Looking for a screen protector?
  202. how do i do it?
  203. Which feature is most missing from the iTouch?
  204. Start up question
  205. iPod Touch Photo Problem
  206. iPod Touch and Amazon
  207. Ipod Touch syncing music problem
  208. Need some advice...
  209. WAP Key Frustration
  210. Hacking the iPod Touch Unlikely, iPhone May Follow
  211. This is Driving Me Insane! (not the screen problem)
  212. What's the blue dot next to a movie file mean?
  213. Availability of Week 38 Touches in Glasgow, Scotland?
  214. Are there any remotes with short cords?
  215. UK Official Release Date
  216. Possible bug??
  217. Apple still thinks that nothing was ever wrong the the iPod Touch!!!
  218. iTouch Timing Out
  219. Bad Screen???
  220. iPod touch compatible with previous cables?
  221. Return to Best Buy??
  222. About iPod touch hacking program
  223. Let battery run down all the way before recharging?
  224. Invisible Shield - Couple of quick questions
  225. Screen Comparison: Week 38 Touch vs. original iPhone
  226. Problem playing albums
  227. iTouch if you have iPhone?
  228. Funny Best Buy Story
  229. Question for the peeps who have the invisible shield
  230. entering streaming sites other than youtube?
  231. buy at one best buy....exchange at another best buy?
  232. Checkc Costco For Macy Gray Week 38...
  233. ipod touch apps so far
  234. Got iPod Touch Week 37 in mail today...anyone know a store in socal that has week 38?
  235. Anyone tried using a Car Stereo?
  236. Apple Store - Order to Delivery
  237. Youtube Problem
  238. Confirmed that costco has week 38 ipod touch
  239. The lack of volume buttons are really becoming a problem...
  240. Are dead pixels considered acceptable by Apple?
  241. Backlight out?
  242. what about asian countries?
  243. TaDa Lists?
  244. Week 37 ipod with intermitten problem
  245. Help Please
  246. Still no email client hacked onto the Touch?
  247. iPod Touch + Xbox 360 streaming music while playing games
  248. With Preorders Being Fine, Have You Decided to Preorder from Apple Now or Buy It?
  249. Possible Week 39?
  250. Featured Boxart On Week 37 vs 38