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Topic: 2009 Ford Sync- Worth It?

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Old 08-06-2009, 05:02 PM
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2009 Ford Sync- Worth It?

Hey all,

My husband is thinking of buying a 2009 Escape or Mariner with Microsoft's SYNC, but the more I find out about it, the more I think it might be useless to us. Is there anybody out there who's using it & might be able to give me some more info? Here are my concerns:

* Will it play songs with commas in the tags? I've learned SYNC won't play songs that aren't properly-tagged. Many of our songs have multiple genres listed for easy smart-playlist making. For instance, an average song might have "Shiny Happy, Pop, Sing-a-long" as it's genre. Will SYNC play these? We've got over 13000 songs in our library & a playlist system that depends on this genre tagging. I am NOT going to re-tag all of my music 'cuz one of our cars says so.

* Does podcast playback work well? He mostly listens to podcasts. Most are pretty mainstream, but some are probably not fully tagged. Is SYNC just as crotchety about podcast tags? Also, if you stop halfway through a podcast, does it remember where you left off?

* Any way to get it to read messages on Verizon Blackberry? I know this is probably the wrong forum to be asking this, but I figured while I'm at it, I'd see if anybody here knows of any work-arounds. Sounds like Verizon locks the text-message-reading feature out of their phones. It would be damn handy if it would read my hubby's txts to him hands-free, even sweeter if we could get it to read his e-mails somehow! I realize we should just get iPhones, but our Verizon phones are free, so...

* If all else fails, there's a plain, old headphone jack I could plug into & control the iPod normally, right? For my own peace of mind...

* Anything else I should know? Any other impressions of the system would be interesting as well...

If anyone's interested, here's the equipment we'd be using with SYNC:
1 iPod 5G
1 iPod Classic
1 Verizon BlackBerry
1 Verizon KRZR

We currently both have Alpine CDA-9885s with iPod integration in our cars, & while they have some quirks we love 'em!

Thanks for any info you can offer. This is, like, a $600 decision, so I really appreciate any info you guys have.
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Old 08-08-2009, 09:30 AM
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I have a Ford Fusion wiith SYNC and a Jeep with an Alpine and iPod integration. Although I believe the SYNC system functions the same for either head unit type, my comments are for the head unit with the NAV screen.

SYNC is fussy about tags, but Microsoft put out a little cleanup utility out on the syncmyride.com website to mend any broken tags. The voice activation will state "SYNC was unable to index all the music on this device" if some of the tags are incompatible. Once I ran the utility, I have had no problems and had my SYNC system for 1 1/2 years.

I rarely listen to podcasts, but all playlists come up on screen and can be chosen, so I can't see a problem with podcasts.

I use the 12V iPod charger and connection in my console with my iPod which charges and brings the menu up on the screen. The screen looks just like the iPod menu and simple to use. A line-in connection is also in the console to use the ipod through the headphone jack. I have only tried this to make sure it works, but never use it.

I don't think there are too many phones that are able to utilize the text function, but some to. I'm not sure if the Blackberry is one of them. Go to the forum at syncmyride.com and there is a section about phones. http://www.syncmyride.com/Default.aspx#/home/

My impression of the system: I have had a Kenwood Excelon system, Alpine, and now SYNC. I like the SYNC system better than the others, for ease of use and functionality with the iPod. Take your iPod to the dealer with a 12V connection and plug it in and try it. I'm confident you will like it!

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Topic: 2009 Ford Sync- Worth It?

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