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OK I talked to one of these fon-support-cuties.

Article: is F*CK. I already told them to fix it.

Issue seems very simple: the new iPod Nanos (2nd gen.) seem to be delivered very often with a bad-installation of the iPOD-OS (greetings to Apple and to Foxconn, their barebone manufacturer - since Foxconn cant have their employees exploited like before quality seems to be on the decrease)!!!

Ok but just do the following (using Windows XP!)
1. unplug iPod from computer
2. reset iPod holding "Menu" and "Choose" Button together (up to 10secs)
3. it reboots then, but check the screen (display will NOT be illuminated while rebooting!!)
4. instantly after apple logo is shown, hold these Buttons together: "Play/Pause" and "Choose" for about 10secs again
5. display wont still be illuminated
6. display will show "harddrive mode" (or somethign like that)
7. plug to your computer again
8. Windows will assign a drive letter for your iPod
9. right click on that drive letter and click format (leave all standard settings in format menu)
10. depending on your model formating takes some secs to some minutes (for me: 20secs and finished)
11. start iTunes, iTunes will now recognize your iPod and will reinstall the OS.
12. make sure you got your Computer connected to the internet, since iTunes will download the iPod's OS from the iTunes Store.
13. follow the instructions in iTunes.

If that doesnt help you (I really hope it does), talk to the fon-cuties and post here, how your prob could get solved.

Kind regards from Germany,

PS Should be fairly logical, but who knows?! "Choose" Button is the one in the middle of your iPod
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