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My weekly Sync

Here is what I use to Sync my 1GB nano weekly:

Grouping is Essential (I tagged a bunch of songs I always want on the iPod)
Match only Checked items
Check Live Updating

Sync List (match all rules)
Grouping is Not Essential
Genre is Not Podcast
Limit to 800 MB random
Match only Checked items
Check Live Updating

I then manually drag these playlist to the nano and iTunes replaces any songs it needs to. This usually leaves me about 50 MB a free space for a Podcast I regularly listen to.

If however, I buy a new CD or a bunch of news songs from iTunes, I create a playlist of these songs and and drag them to iPod first. Then Essential and Sync List. iTunes is now smart enough to realize that if either list contains a song that I previously put on the iPod, it will not add a duplicate to the iPod, rather will continue to fill the iPod until the list is complete or the iPod is full.

This is very useful when updating from a library that is larger than the iPod, since you are limiting to certian MB.

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