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Originally Posted by magtour
I've been researching.. but to no avail.. I'm sure I'M doing something wrong, but could someone point me to the correct way to compile 4 playlists into 1 big playlist..

Here is how I've been doing it..

5 Star
my rating is *****
songs not played in last 2 weeks
limit to 300 songs
auto update

4 Star
(same as above, only with 4 stars)

3 Star
(again.. Same as above)

Top 25
(Itunes default)
songs not played in 5 days

* BEST *
match all
playlist is 5 star
playlist is 4 star
playlist is 3 star
playlist is top 25
limit to 500 songs
auto update

the * BEST * playlist keeps staying blank.. nothing gets input there.. but the other playlists are good to go..

Please help.

Thank you
Just change "match all" to "match any". This way you'll have a playlist that sum all songs from the playlists above
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