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I've been researching.. but to no avail.. I'm sure I'M doing something wrong, but could someone point me to the correct way to compile 4 playlists into 1 big playlist..

Here is how I've been doing it..

5 Star
my rating is *****
songs not played in last 2 weeks
limit to 300 songs
auto update

4 Star
(same as above, only with 4 stars)

3 Star
(again.. Same as above)

Top 25
(Itunes default)
songs not played in 5 days

* BEST *
match all
playlist is 5 star
playlist is 4 star
playlist is 3 star
playlist is top 25
limit to 500 songs
auto update

the * BEST * playlist keeps staying blank.. nothing gets input there.. but the other playlists are good to go..

Please help.

Thank you
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