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Sure Jessica, the time is a factor, but my two biggest problems are #1. after sending my iPod to you twice -- it still doesn't work. and #2. no communication -- I have called numerous times and left messages that are never returned and I have sent e-mails that are never answered. My credit card company just today refunded my money (I think I know what that is going to mean to you -- hard to have an internet business with no charge availability --if that does happen I would have to say that your business practices would make your company deserving). By the way, my initial contact with your company was June 19th.

At this point I'm asking anyone who has had dealings with a repair company that you can recommend to please let me know. You know, a company that does what they say they're going to, communicates with you and has a reputation for some customer service. Just the opposite of iPodmechanic.
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