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I have the "ratings" smart playlists with 'live updating' on so that anytime I rate a song it will go into that smartlist.

_Maint - this is a maintenance list so that any song playing will go into this list when receiving 2 star rating. I use this when a song doesn't have album art or it doesn't play properly and needs to be re-imported.

*Delete - I give this a 1 star rating and call it 'Delete'. All songs to be removed from the iPod and iTunes. I don't like these songs.
Note: The symbols put them at the top of the playlist menu.

I made an 'All Music' list that has all of the songs in the library in it so that when I want to shuffle 'all songs' I can easily do so:

All Music
-size is greater then 0 mb and then excluded all I didn't want in that list:
--Genre does not contain audiobooks, podcasts, movies, music videos, etc.
--Composer is not PDF Documents

Other playlists are Zero playcount>random>excluding movie, music vids, etc. I either use random or one of the other options just to see what I will get, 50 count, live updating on, match checked songs only.

Some were standard playlists that I turned into smart playlists since I wanted to keep them. What I did was used the grouping category to make the smart playlists. I first highlight all songs in that playlist and use the 'grouping' section and put the playlist title in there. Then I make the smart playlist:
Grouping > contains > "I put the title of the playlist here"
Limit to is '1000' > selected by 'random', live updating on, matched checked songs only.

This also perserves the playlist in case I need to recreate it. I use this with playlists I like and want to keep. Any songs I want to add to any of these lists I just add that title to the gouping section of the tags.

I also use the composer & comments section of the song to add a playlist title so that I can add it to more than one playlist.
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