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Heres mine...

I used Party Shuffle a lot in the early days but got bored of that and started experimenting with smart playlists. This is my set up...

I have 7 Smart Playlists all inside a foler called 'Smart Shuffle':

1 Star - 10 tracks rated 1 star and not played in last 2 weeks, selected by least recently played
2 Star - 20 tracks rated 2 star and not played in last 2 weeks, selected by least recently played
3 Star - 30 tracks rated 3 star selected by least recently played
4 Star - 40 tracks rated 4 star selected by least recently played
5 Star - 50 tracks rated 5 star selected by least recently played
Recently Added - date added is in the last 2 weeks, rating is not 1 star, rating is not 2 star
Unrated - rating is no stars, not played in the last 2 weeks, playlist is not Recently Added

I play 'the folder' with random on, this set up rotates the music nicely while maintaining a 'randomness', favours higher rated music. One problem I had early on was that 1 star tracks were overplayed because I only had 12 in the whole library the 10 limit meant that tracks wre pretty such permantly in Smart Shuffle I fixed this by adding an extra condition on the 1 and 2 Star lists that the tracks must not have been played for 2 weeks.

Tracks added within the last 2 weeks stick thanks to 'Recently Added', however any new track that is rated 1 or 2 Star falls straight into normal circulation, as 1 and 2 star tracks are not allowed in 'Recently Added'.

The 'unrated' list ensures that if a track does not meet the conditions of the other 6 playlists it still gets into Smart Shuffle every 2 weeks. The success of this set up depends very much on ratings, if you have a lot of unrated music it won't work very well.

All 7 playlists require that: podcast is false; kind does not contain video or movie and only checked songs are selected. I prefer to keep videos out as most of the time iTunes is running hidden or behind something else so they would not be seen anyway - most have an audio equivalent too.
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