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Question SPL sans duplicate artists?

Hi there. I'm trying to set up a smart playlist, selected on the basis of a BPM range, sorted ascending by BPM (eureka! Ask iLounge covered how to sort within an SPL! Display the BPM column in iTunes, click on the column header to sort it, and it seems to work)

NOW being a picky former DJ I'd like to avoid duplicating the artist in the random set.

So far the SPL looks like this:
BPM is in the range 120 to 130
Genre is not Podcast
Last Played is not in the last 21 days
My Rating is not * *

Limit to 90 minutes selected by random
Now "random" seems to be partial to songs I added to the iPod on a particular day. Since I typically added songs by artist, if an artist happens to have 3 songs that match the criteria, I get all three in one 90 minute set. What I'd like to do is add a fifth criteria along the lines of

Artist is not in the playlist BPM120-130 (i.e. recursive pl ref)

or somesuch thing. Anyone have any ideas?
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