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iTunes assigns by artist name. My songs and videos are foldered:
Artist>Album Title> track # (if given)>song title. All of the songs by that artist I changed the tags so that the 'featuring' is on the song title like: song title ft. guest artist.

This way all of the songs by the artist will appear under his name in the iTunes library, folders and on the iPod. I don't have the artist listed by his name only and then artist & guest artist listing each separately. My videos are the same organization.

In iTunes go to preferences>advance and post what boxes you have checked and unchecked there.

I have this checked but when the window opened asking if I wanted iTunes to name or rename my songs I clicked 'no'.

*Keep iTunes Music Folder Organized*
Places song files into album & artist folders, and names the files based on the disc #, track #, and the songs title.
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