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Can you create your own folders on Ipod, to organize music


Ive been looking around on the net for a whie to a answer to this and cant find one, when I found this site I figured I might as well ask cause with most other problems ive encourntered the best place for help is forums.

Anyways, Im trying to add a few of my cds to my iPod but it auto makes its own folders and annoys the hell outa me.
Here is a example for a eminem cd I own;

It goes, in genre Rap/Hip hop, then under artist it makes a seperate folder for eminem, and then another one for each song witha "featuring" on it, so in total the cd has about 7 folders under artists. Then under albums it has the one cd name encore.

All of which is annoying, Is there a way I can take everything out except the album name, and possibily make my own folder like "MIX TAPE 1" and then throw a dozzen songs in there without it making a seperate artist folder with the 1 song in each?

It would be much easier is iTunes let you customize the folders and make your own... instead of it doing it automatically via what there the "cddb" thing has where it says all the track info.

Right now the only way I can change it is to edit the file info for each song and delete all the featuring names ect so it only makes one folder, except then I don't know whos on the track.

Soooo fustrating, is there something other than iTunes I can use or a simple way?

Thanks in advance,

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