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Thanks enjoi...though it would be nice if you separated out real software from Firefox extensions.

Probably the things I use the most are pretty "old school" to others:

Servant Salamander 1.5 - 2-sided file manager that doesn't hide the file extensions or reload the desktop like Explorer
Metapad - decent notepad replacement that is very small (I use a hotkey for it). It doesn't worry about fonts, so its nice to cut & paste text to remove the fonts; also it reads unix files
Irfanview - Very fast graphics viewer; I use it as the default for graphics extensions
Winamp - of course
UltraVNC - VNC is remote-control program that is free and is a great way to control other systems over the network. UltraVNC adds in other options like file transfer & Windows authentication.
Ethereal - Ubergeek accessory to see the packets and know what's really going on the network
Show Traffic - Another tool for seeing packets on the network; this one gives a summary of packet flows
Keynote - a great little toolbar accessory for keeping notes. Very handy if you have too many things to keep track of.
Unix Utilities - this set of programs provides several unix command-line utilities for Windows. If you're used to using unix commands and the command line, it comes in handy. Get vim for vi.
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