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metallicafan111 ... On step 6, you said get out. I assume you meant out of the cracks.
That is correct.

metallicafan111 ... I'm gonnna rub the screen until I get the results I want, then I will wipe off the Brasso. If I don't clean it off good enough and some brasso says on, will it permentaly stain?
That process will be fine for what you want to do; and no, Brasso will not stain the plastic, or anything else on your iPod. As for your polishing cloth however, yes. Brasso will leave a very-diffcult-to-remove yellow stain, so don't plan on using your favorite silk shirt to buff up your iPod.

Also, be prepared: Brasso is "fumey"... and boy does it stink!. Use with lots of ventilation.

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