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Originally posted by metallicafan111
I only have Brasso and a cloth. After I rub it on for like 20 minutes, when do I know when to wipe it off? Do I wait for it to dry? If I do wait for it to dry, does it wipe off with just using a dry cloth or do I have to get it wet?
Brasso is a liquid, so the chances of it screwing up your iPod are, I would guess, the same as for exposing your iPod to any other liquid. Having used a lot of Brasso over the years, I can suggest the following:

1. Apply the Brasso to the cloth, or pad, or whatever you will be using: not to the iPod itself.
2. A tiny amount of Brasso goes a long, long, way.
3. Apply it gently, rubbing in small, controlled circles.
4. The Brasso may (will) turn black as you use/rub with it, this is normal.
5. The Brasso will turn white and "chalky" as it dries.
6. I think it would be wise to keep this white, chalky powder OUT of your iPod.
7. Be careful WHERE you apply the Brasso. If it goes into some crack or crevice that you can't access and buff out, it will dry there; leaving it's white residue behind. Not very attractive.
8. It is not necessary for the Brasso to dry completely before removing it completely.
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