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Update: Both mp3's, CD's and other files can be made bookmarkable on iPod

See Links in signature below for guides for converting CDs, MP3, and Audio Cassettes to bookmarking iPod files that stay out of main menu shuffle and allow listening in faster mode or that allow simple mp3 bookmarking without those additional attributes:

iPod Tutorial
Parannoya?s User's Guide above refers to the iPod tutorial:
Help using iTunes:
Mac the
iPod tutorial -- Be sure to visit the tutorial and be sure to look at the "movies" there. It shows screens and points out exactly where to click.

Location of Audio Files:

*You may wish to locate Audio, Music, and Picture files on an auxilliary disc (other than C:) or in a file separate from My Documents for space and back up reasons (so that when you back up My Documents you do not also back up Audio, Music and Picture Files.) Also you can position iTunes music and audio files higher in the folder heirchy for convenience. You can select an alternate location to store Audible books in iTunes at iTunes/Edit/Preferences/Advanced Tab/iTunes Music Folder Location/Change/Browse. If you move files you may need to import them into iTunes.

Using iPod as a Hard Disk and using to back up critical files
You can also set up iPod as a hard disc: iTunes/iPod/right click/options/ so that you can back up by dragging and dropping key data files to iPod (if your house burns down you are much more likely to have your iPod with you than some backup file). I.E.,
o Calendar and address/contact files
o Financial (like Quicken) back up files
o Favorites
o My Documents (See *note above about duplication of my music)
o Personal Folders on e-mail system

Using the calendar and contact functions of iPod to fullest
Check out iPodSync in download section of iPodLounge forum for a handy inexpensive software that will download Outlook (not Express) calendar, contacts, etc for viewing on your iPod display

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