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Apple Centric Links, thanks to Moriond:
…one … site that has a quasi-Mac orientation is Aldo on Audiobooks. The advantage of that site is that there are posted screenshots. … there are AppleScripts that can expedite some of the functions (like checking the boxes for remembering playback and skipping when shuffling). It is also is geared to converting all mp3 files to AAC format. (contents of site (links) listed in post).

Doug’s AppleScripts for iTunes Home offers the following useful links: (links listed in post)

Where I ran across this amusing post by Doug:

UPDATED: Make Bookmarkable v1.5
About once a week I get an email from users who wonder why Make Bookmarkable didn't work. They offer as proof that the file extension wasn't changed to ".m4b". True enough. But the file type was changed and on a Mac that's how iTunes and iPod recognize bookmarkable files. So simply changing the file extension to ".m4b" doesn't make an AAC file bookmarkable on a Mac. Well, I'm getting tired of that email. So I have updated Make Bookmarkable to now add the ".m4b" extension as well as changing the file type. I don't know why I didn't have it do that in the first place. »

Tired of Explaining Bookmarking, or Everything I [Doug] Think I Know About Bookmarking iTunes Tracks And Files
This article provides a Fabulous Matrix outlining what tracks and/or files are recognized by various iPods as bookmarkable Audiobooks and How To Get Them That Way. »

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