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Thumbs down Eminem's new song "Fack" -- one of the worst songs ever recorded

Has anyone heard the track "Fack" off the Curtain Call album?

I own all of Em's CDs and used the refer to him as the most lyrically advanced emcee in the business. At one time, Em could shove more story into one 4-minute song than most other emcee's put into an entire album. Em was a true storyteller.

With Encore, the guy started to go downhill, and now, with "Fack," I think Em just landed at the bottom of that hill.

Perhaps, just perhaps, 12 year boys might get a giggle out of the lyrics of "Fack," but to anyone else this has got to be one of the stupidest songs ever recorded.

Sorry Em, but I won't be buying Curtain Call, and if you ever decide to come out of retirement, I doubt I'll buy anything else you ever produce. I'll just sit back with my Marshall Mathers LP and remember the times when you were actually good.

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