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As an update, I located a version of Updater from June '05, uninstalled the current one and loaded that instead. It didn't make any difference - it still hangs when loading. As a test, I uninstalled iTunes so my system just had Updater on it. Windows does it's "found new hardware" thing and recognizes the iPod as three components: USB Removable Storage Device, Apple iPod USB Device, and Disk Drive. I'm not sure if this is what should be loaded. But, to test things out I go back to My Computer and try to open the iPod as a drive (F and I get the same "unable to access" message I cited in the original post. This tells me it may be an issue with Windows XP's removable media/USB storage drivers - not any of the Apple software.

I'm still hoping someone out there has ran into something similar and found a way to fix it.

Tonight I'll have access to a Windows 2000 system which I'll load Updater and iTunes on, to see if I get functionality on another system.

Thanks again,

- Luke
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