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I have a 20g 3G ipod with about 16g of music on it (my entire current library) and I just got a 4g nano and found the suggestions on this thread invaluable in setting both to sync properly. I'm using ashawley and razortag's suggestions to create a "NanOn" and a "NanOff" playlist for the songs that will sync w/ my nano and those that won't based entirely on checked songs. My one concern is that it's pretty easy to check or uncheck a song in the library by accident or worse, to have a bunch or all songs selected and mess things up. Is there any way to protect against this? How about turning off the Live Update check box in the Smart Playlist window? How does this work exactly?

It would be cool if you could somehow create a smart playlist that monitors the NanOn and NanOff playlists to see the most recently added or removed songs from those lists (not from the library, just from the playlists) - that way I can clearly see if I've added or removed an errant song - any way to do this? Any other suggestions?

Thought about using the ratings field as a marker to indicate which songs I want on and off the nano but that's a bit of pain. Are there any other dummy fields (other than comments b/c I actually do have some meaningful comments) that let you batch edit them that I can use.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


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