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Finalising is the term used to describe 'closing' the disc. That is to say, after finalising, you cannot add more data to the CD, even if there is enough space. Usually when burning data you leave the disc 'open' so you can later add stuff to it - the software (Toast) will create a new session on the CD. When a multi-session CD appears on the desktop it shows up as multiple CD icons. An audio CD player will only look at the first session. So you could have audio content on session No 1 and data on other sessions - the data will be invisible to a CD player.

I'm not sure if iTunes finalises discs - Toast I think offers the option - Write Session/Write Disk maybe... It could be as you suggest - the car CD player is looking for 'closed' discs. If you have toast it might work better through that and use 'Disk at Once' mode.

Sorry, that isn't really helpful...

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