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Same Problem


I just got a brand new 60gb on Thursday upgrading from a 3gen 15 gb. Zero problems until today when I got the same problem as the other fellow on this board. After heavily updating all cd art on all songs, I synced up my iPod to make these changes. At first, I noticed itunes was freezing up really bad in the beginning, but then caught up. When then attempting to eject the iPod, I got the same message stating that it could not eject as there were files being used by other programs. Closing itunes and all corresponding apps, I then attempted to safely remove hardware from the taskbar to no avail. It simply stated that the hardware could not be stopped and to try again later. Sadly, I had to disconnect with it still running not once, but twice as I attempted to restart my computer to see if it would work. It did not.

To solve for this problem, I did two things, I'm not sure which one worked. One, I disabled synching of photos to the iPod. I did not have the problem until I began synching photos, so this may be the issue. Two, I resintalled the firmware update to my computer disk drive, but it did not update the firmware on the iPod. Since the firmware was not updated on the iPod, I have to believe the recent release of iTunes has an issue with synching photos. Turning it off seemed to fix the problem for now, but I'm hoping that it will remedy itself in the future. Hopefully this helps.
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