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I think it's working, I followed the instructions at:

(I'm not allowed to post URLs, so I did a C+P instead).

and it's importing the XML file right now. I'll report back once it's done.

* * *

From Schmolleworld:

Shut down iTunes

Make a backup copy of these files:

iTunes Music Library.xml (on my system, it is located in My Documents/My Music/iTunes)

iTunes Music Library.itl (on my system, it is located in My Documents/My Music/iTunes)

If you have the disk space to spare and you are truly paranoid, backup your actual music files as well.

Open the itl file in Notepad (or any other text editor, but not in Word or any other word processor).

Select all (Ctrl+A) and hit Delete. You should now have an empty file.

In Explorer, verify that the file size is indeed now 0Kb. I haven't tried partially damaging the file, but this method is a sure-fire way.

If you haven't already, do whatever you want to do to your music folder(s): move them all to a new drive, shuffle some of them around, etc.

Open the xml file in your favourite text editor and modify the paths as they should be, reflecting the new location of your music files. Global search and replace comes to mind as a quick way of making these changes. Don't worry about mistakes--you did take a backup, did you?

Save the file and fire up iTunes. Instead of starting normally, it will import the xml file. I have some 6500-odd entries in it and a dozen playlists. With the files on an external USB2.0 drive, it takes a few minutes for this to complete, which is indicated by the warning message about how iTunes discovered that your library file had gotten damaged and how it tried to save the day. Click OK.

If all is well, you should now be looking at your library, with all data intact and the locations of the music files updated.
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