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Captain Tex
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I've made some progress:

1) Using my Mac, I created an empty iTunes library
2) Connected to my external drive
3) Added all the music files (e.g. G:\Music\ in my example above) to the Mac iTunes library
4) Using iPodRip, synced play counts and ratings from the iPod with the files in my Mac iTunes library
5) I now have exactly what I want (i.e. my entire music library with meta data on any songs that were on my iPod) EXCEPT that this is on my Mac, not my Windows machine

However, the file structure is the same as it would be under Windows except for a few minor differences. For example:

MUSIC:Sorted:3 Doors Down: The Better Life:01 - Kryptonite.mp3

instead of

G:\Sorted\3 Doors Down\The Better Life\01 - Kryptonite.mp3

Is there a way to convert this Mac iTunes library to Windows?

And kudos to whoever wrote iPodRip, he or she did a wonderful job.
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