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Originally posted by pkghost
Here's a question about sound quality:

I've been using a 1/8 inch headset jack to RCA cord to plug my ipod into my home stereo receiver.

I use the same cord to plug my ipod into my car's cd player (happens to have accessible RCA input...)

I notice, however, that the sound quality from a normal CD is far superior to the iPod through the 1/8 RCA adapter. I know there is an output channel in the base of the iPod and I suspect that it delivers better sound quality, however NO ONE has marketed a base cord that splits to RCA output.

My only option would be to buy a cumbersome dock and lug it into and out of my house everytime i want to take my iPod in my car.

Does anyone know of any cords/adapters/or even a hardware hack to take advantage of the base output channels from the iPod? Thanks

try radio shack. i bought a 1/8 to RCA for my computer to connect it to my stereo. i know for a fact that they sell it.
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