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All things being equal, the way a player makes things louder, whether through earbuds, headphones, or unpowered speakers, is by pumping its own power into the output.

Another rule of thumb says that bigger speakers need more power to make the same amount of noise a smaller speaker would, and the closer the speaker is to the ear, the louder it will sound.

When we speak of bigger 'desktop' speakers burning juice faster than earbuds, it is true- the bigger speakers need a LOT more power than the earbuds do. This does not mean it will flatline your batteries in a few minutes, however. If your battery lasts 8 hours with earbuds, it may only last 6 with speaker X, or 7 with speaker Y.

In real life, however, there are hundreds of other issues involved- quality of the speaker, speaker cone material, wire guage, circuit design, magnet type, etc., etc., etc.
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