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Re: But how do you actually bookmark a file?

Originally posted by rawdata
... How do you actually tell the iPod to bookmark that location in the book you're listening too? ...
First, look at file in iTunes Library, and determine if the "File Kind" is "Protected AAC audio file". If so, highlight and right click on the file name, choose Show File, and look to see that the file has an *.m4b extension. If either one of the answers is no, you did something incorrectly in the step by step. Most likely you still have an m4a file. Go back to the renaming steps. Actually, if it is m4a, all you have to do is select rename on the left side of the Show Song file window, key in the b, enter, double click on the renamed files -- which will insert the renamed file in iTunes, and R click clear the m4a indexed names from library, drag to iPod.

Are you apple or pc?

Suggest you consider MarkAble for PC (link below next to EZGuide), which will manage the whole process for you.

Just reread your post. 20 hours long likely exceeds the maximum length the iPod will accomodate. If greater than 320 mb, you need to reduce file size. The max file size may be even less. Some think in the 120 MB range.

Good luck.


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