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UPDATE 2/6/05

Well, I've sold my old 20 gig 2g, moved on to a 40 gig 3g which I quickly got rid of (horrid batt life, and those buttons...) and ended up with a photo 60 gig.

If you read my initial notes above about my case solution, this one is quite similar. The photo doesnt really have too many case options just yet, especially when youre trying to find one locally.

I would have ordered a Vaja, as I love those cases, but I didnt think I could hold out for the month it would take to get here. I figured id take my chances ago go pick up whatever would work at the Apple store, Microcenter, Best Buy, whatever.

When I got to the Apple store they had a couple of leather cases in stock, but nothing extraordinary. The couple of things they did have in stock werent even made for the photo..they were just cases with stretchy sides that could be forced to fit the ever so slightly thicker photo.

The Apple guy then pointed me to what looked like a silicon case, speficically marked for the iPod photo. At first I dismissed it, as I do not like lint collector silicon cases. He corrected me and told me it was a hard case, from Agent18. I had already lamented the fact that Contour didnt have an iSee for the photo yet with him...but what was this?

It was the Agent18 Clickshield Photo. This case was the answer to my prayers...and amazingly enough I had never even heard of this particular case. No idea how that happened, since I thought I read every review on earth. At any rate, this case is very much like the classic iSee as it is a complete plastic enclosure for the iPod. Its form fitting, with a cutout for the scroll wheel, and cutouts on the top and bottom, to get to all the holes.

The case is different from the old iSee (I havent used a newer iSee) in that it is made of two equal sized pieces; a front half and back half if you will. You install the ipod by sticking it into either piece, and then snapping the other piece in place. They use some sort of rubber along the sides where the snaps connect, and it seems to make a tighter seal and possibly serves to cut down on any movement of the two pieces. Once together, it really does feel quite solid. The way the old iSee worked was a large tub shaped piece you stuck the iPod in, and then a thin flat layer slid into a slot at the bottom. This was a good idea, but it did scratch the face of your iPod if you werent careful (I was, and I still got vertical scratches).

These sort of cases have the benefit of offering decent protection from drops, and excellent protection from wear and tear. I recently sold my old 20 gig 2g and when I took it out of the ole iSee is looked almost brand new. The iSee on the other hand looked like it had been through a war.

That brings up another point about the Agent18 case; its see through but the plastic is textured, aside from the window in front of the iPod screen, and small square on the back that shows the Apple logo. This makes the case much more resistant to scratching and easier to grip. It really feels great in your hand.

Just as with the iSee, this case seems to become a natural extension of the iPod once you get it on. It feels great, doesnt squeak or move around, and looks really good.

The only cons, if they can be considered cons, is the case does add a little bulk to the iPod, especially the sides. It adds about the width of typical CD case plastic to each side of your iPod. On the sides, it gets a little thicker because of the snaps. The only other negatives I can think of is that they could have exposed less of the bottom; almost the entire bottom of the iPod is exposed. You cannot sync in the dock with this case.

I will follow up with some pics shortly.

And yes it does slide right into the Apple case, for a little extra protection and a belt clip (its a tight squeeze with the new photo case, but itll work).
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