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Hah, I had my iPodlounge T-shirt on, but no I didn't meet anyone from here. I hopefully helped the couple I met (Belinda and Elliot) decide on their purchase (iBook and iPod mini respectively) and informed them about the site. I expect they are still enjoying their new 'toys'.
Yep, there were plenty of "Podestrians". The latest Stuff Magazine has a "Newspeak" section and the latest is an iPod special.
A "podestrian" is anyone who clearly displays their choice of audio player by wearing white headphones. No guarantee that they have an iPod, of course, and a great way of upping their social standing.
Another is "podometer" - anyone who involuntarily counts podestrians!
I had my iPod with me, but I went for black Sony cheapo earbuds - I should have used goPod before I went as the volume was a bit low on the trains.

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